Behind the Bumpers interview FRC 7457 suPURDUEper Robotics - 2x District Winners as Rookies!

Did your team win 2 districts and attend IRI in their rookie year? Check out the design and process that went into this incredible rookie team 7457 suPURDUEper Robotics.

Check out the interview at


Definitely one of the most successful rookie seasons in recent memory. 7457 absolutely killed it in Indiana this year, can’t wait to see what they do in year 2!


My favorite part of watching 7457 this year was sharing our scouting data with them at their first event so they could pick an alliance and win! Later in the season one of their team members thanked me for that and mentioned that it convinced them not to pick us!

FRC is crazy, but we have an Alumnus mentoring that team so it is for sure all good!

Your team modeled for us what gracious professionalism was about last year. To give us scouting data so freely blew me away, and we instantly saw the gift it was as we used it to make a winning alliance. Hope we get to team up sometime on the field this season.


No pressure, right.

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