Behind the Bumpers Interviews: 1325, 1684, 2056, 3015 - Detroit Championship

We have a ton of Behind the Bumpers interviews coming out of Detroit and here’s our first batch on Youtube!

FRC1325 Inverse Paradox
FRC1684 Chimeras
FRC2056 OP Robotics
FRC3015 Ranger Robotics


Will the stuff recorded from yesterday be uploaded to YouTube? If so, is there an approximate time it’ll be uploaded? I filmed yesterday with a few other FRC teams hosted by Karthik and DeeJay and would like to ratch again.

I think you are confusing us with someone else.

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Awesome, thanks! It was filmed in the Behind the Bots area and thought it was also a bit with you guys :sweat_smile:

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Is this the segment you’re looking for? You can find all of the segments aired on BEYOND THE BOTS in our highlights:


Think so. Can’t check because I’m using data. Thanks so much!

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