Behind the Bumpers Interviews Megathread 2020

Also had a Behind the Glass of 2451. You can see how their drive team interacts on the field and see the obscured viewpoints drive teams need to work with.

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Still have a few videos in our archive that are being processed. From the Greater Kansas City Regional, check out FRC 5801 CTC Inspire at


New Behind the Bumpers with FRC 4655 The Chicago Style BotDogs (sweet name). This team was an alliance captain for the first time in their 8 year team history! Check it out!


New Behind the Bumpers of FRC 63! This may be a team you are not too familiar with but they have an impressive intake and climb! Check it out at

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This 3rd year team is really starting to shine in FiM! Winners of the Traverse City District Event check out the Behind the Bumpers for FRC 7160 Ludington O-Bots at


FRC 2052 KnightKrawler is one of the best in Minnesota and has continued to build higher tier consistency over the years. Check out the winners of the Northern Lights regional with their turret, wide intake, and balancing climber on Behind the Bumpers at

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New Behind the Bumpers of 4910 East Cobb Robotics. Finalists at PCH Dalton and winners of the PCH Chairman’s award, this team is a perennial contender in PCH.

Check it out at