Behind the Bumpers Robot Breakdowns. Latest: FRC 1038 Lakota Robotics

Teams are starting to meet back in-person and we can’t wait to showcase both 2020 and/or 2021 robots for both FRC and FTC!

Check out FRC 4334 Alberta Tech Alliance’s robot and team and hear how they are breaking down the at home challenges

If your team is meeting safely in-person, we want to interview your team and 2020 and/or 2021 robot for Behind the Bumpers (FRC) or Behind the Bot (FTC). Send me a DM or email to schedule.


New Behind the Bumpers with bonus at home challenge competition from FRC 7103 Robo Remedy. This team is really going in the right direction to emerge as a new powerhouse out of the midwest:


Love the powder coating on this robot with a high velocity side shooter too! Check out FTC 16252 Ruh-Roh robotics and their Behind the Bot interview at

We have about 15-20 interviews in queue being processed so can’t wait to show off these teams and robots!

FTC 15772 Brady Goats:

FRC 3381 Droid Rage:


New Behind the Bumpers interview with FRC 4381 Twisted Devils. This team made a robot specifically for the 2021 at home challenges:


Really enjoying these remote versions of the Behind the Bumpers. While slightly noticeable, I think they provide just about the same amount of value to the FIRST community than the traditional in person ones. Even without a pandemic, I could see FUN pivoting to more remote interviews like these.


Thank you. Truth be told I think we will add these more into the mix but I would much rather have in-person interviews as there are less variables to worry about. Primarily there’s quite a few factors that take about 4-5x longer to edit which causes compound delays like worrying about their internet, untrained people filming (we do coach them but it’s still difficult), potential audio delays and reverb ect… I currently have 10 FRC and 11 FTC BTB’s in queue of which almost all FRC are remote.

I’m delighted we are able to do them and we do try to coach and inform all teams as much as possible prior to the interview which what to do and how to do it but more things can go wrong. We’ve tried a couple tactics to mitigate internet issues like having a 3rd phone used as a local recording but then it essentially requires 2 people filming (many phones will not allow you to record and stream at the same time).


New Behind the Bumpers with FRC 6329 The Bucks’ Wrath. This team was 14-4 last year and built a new robot for the 2021 season. They discuss how they improved for 2021 and have a well built machine:


New Behind the Bumpers and Bots!

FRC4655 has been a team on my watchlist to really take off for a while now as they have made the playoffs at every regional they have attended since the 2015 season. They show off their modifications to their 2020 robot for 2021.

Also new Behind the Bot (FTC) with 7974 Great Scott! This robot has a cool wobble goal mechanism and a solid robot:


New Behind the Bumpers with FRC 4068 BEARbotics and their square wheels!

New Behind the Bot with FTC 10760 FUNKtions


This robot has an incredible spindexer, swerve and vision system and may be the next Hall of Fame team in FIRST! Check out Frog Force 503 from Michigan on Behind the Bumpers


New Behind the Bumpers with Tyler’s pick for new team to watch out for: FRC 7426 Pair of Dice Robotics:

Also new Behind the Bot (FTC) with the 3D pink printed machine of FTC 6984 STEMpocalypse Awakened


New Behind the Bumpers with FRC 4499 The Highlanders. Check out the overhaul of their robot including an awesome $50 vision system that any team could utilize!

New Behind the Bot with FTC 11353 Lightning Robotics. “This bot slaps”


New Behind the Bumpers with 6479 Aztech Robotics from Arizona: They show off their modified 2020 robot and the CAD for their 2021 design:

New Behind the Bot with 16634 S.P.E.C.T.E.R. with their mega star wheel intake:

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New Behind the Bumpers with FRC 3130 The ERRORs. 3130 has been one of the top teams in MN for a few years now and shows off their modifications to their 2020 robot for the at home challenges and beyond:

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New Behind the Bumpers with Metal Muscle FRC 1506 from Michigan. 1506 has made a huge impact in their community and has built some great robots over the years. Watch:

Also new Behind the Bot with legendary 8680 Kraken-Pinion. This team has been top tier for many years and has built another amazing machine:

New Behind the Bumpers with 3197 Hexhounds with their 2021 robot and new multi-million dollar build facility. Watch:

New Behind the Bot with FTC 4106 Supposable Thumbs with an all around awesome machine. Really like their ring transfer and shooter.

FRC on Deck: 1403, 5927, 2202, 2910, 4253, 247, 4414, 5114, 6318
FTC on Deck: 18367, 14631, 15317, 10355, 16597, 7643, 15959

Reach out if you would like to have your team interviewed!

New Behind the Bumpers with FRC 1403 Cougar Robotics. Check out the awesome drag and drop block programming UI they utilize and their modified 2020 robot

New Behind the Bot with FTC 18367 GRAFFITI. This is one of the best 1st year teams I have seen yet!

Team 2910: Jack in the Bot has become one of the elite teams in FIRST with their legendary swerve drive and incredible shooter. Check out their full interview at

TC 14631 Laser Tech was extremely impressive on the field and has had some amazing in-person event results. Check out FTC 14631 Laser Tech at


Latest Behind the Bumpers robot breakdown with 5927 Globetrotters out of Michigan. This team has really started to rise in the ranks in FiM winning 4 district events including the one they played in 2020.

Latest Behind the Bot with FTC 15959 Central Lakes Robotics out of Minnesota

If your team has a functional robot and would like to be interviewed send me a DM!

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