Behind The Design 2012 - Team 971: Spartan Robotics

Thanks to CD for the positive reception on the first chapter. Thanks to 67, 341, 971, 1218, Richard Wallace at Whirlpool, and AndyMark for helping supply content and proof reading this whole mess. This time around, we can’t contain all the information in a pdf, so we’ve got some video added in as well that 971 created while documenting their build season.

Team 971 - Spartan Robotics: A Novel Take on an Intake

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Simply amazing. Having competed with 971 at Silicon Valley last year, and recently at CalGames in October, I’ve always been able to get a beautiful view of their robot competing, but never information as in-depth as this. It truly goes to show how great of a team they are, and how much work and devotion they put into making their magnificent machines.

Expect to see many more horizontal ball sorters similar to this in the next ball game, all thanks to 971.

Tom and the rest of 1718, you guys did a fantastic job with this. I have both of the original Behind the Design books, and you really stayed true to form with the style and narrative. I wish it had been more feasible to publish because this is definitely publishable quality. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together!

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