Behind the Glass - 2910 Jack in the Bot - Jump into a Mic'd Up Match!

Jump in Behind the Glass of a Infinite Recharge match with 2910 Jack in the Bot at the 2021 Chezy Champs. Hear what their drive team has to say as they are on microphone during the match.


Really impressed, and to an extent surprised, at how little communication there was between their driver and coach. I suppose another way to interpret that would be, its impressive how efficient they are with their communication.

Their driver clearly knew what they were doing, knew how to react to various defense/impedances and knew what the strategy was going into the match. You only ever heard the coach making minor yet effective comments throughout the match, with the their overall goal/job being to help direct the flow of the match. By this I mean, letting the driver know when their feeder station was starved for balls (ie, collect on the field instead of coming back to the feeder station), letting the driver know when the match was almost over (relaying they had time for “One more cycle”) and occasionally relaying the status/intensions of their alliance partners.


Thanks for the opportunity Tyler!

A couple of notes:

  1. We have 2 human players because we only have one driver. If the robot is simple enough to control we prefer to have only one driver (no operator). Our driver Darlina just started driving at the end of the summer. We are super excited about how good she is already!

  2. We will get that drivers station built at some point…


Great Robot!

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