Behind The Glass

Ever wondered what it’s like to stand behind the alliance wall during a match? Then check out our driver’s Point of View video at:

That is some great video. Someday I am going to figure out to get younger so I can be the one actually driving.

Tres Kewl.

Interesting how your shooter extends upwards.
Too bad it’s not an FCS, though I suspect it’s >60"?

There are always off season events with mentor drive matches! Some of the funniest and scariest matches.
Awesome video, it is great to see this side of the game again!

it extends to just below 84"

Wow! Thanks for that. Really shows us non-drivers how tough it is.

And your robot is great. I really can’t wait until we get to Honolulu tomorrow!

Awesome Video!

I noticed someone at the Connecticut Regional filming matches from behind the glass, as well.

Beautiful hang at the end!
I’ve had the opportunity to videotape from the stands and from the floor, and I always say - the worst seat in the house at an FRC competition is the drivers’ station. I have nothing but admiration for all the teams’ drivers and coaches; there is no way I could comprehend and react to a match from that perspective.

Wooow, that’s an amazing video. I wish I could have that experience some day in my life.

That’s funny, it’s my favorite place to watch matches from. Even matches we aren’t in, I like to see how the other drive teams and coaches interact.

Awesome video! Great robot.

I found it to be an acquired taste.

Probably the best way to put it. After you stop feeling like you’re going to pass out behind the glass, watching afar from the stands becomes permanently agonizing.

Couldnt agree more, it’s going to be rough watching matches from the sidelines now than I’m graduating. Hopefully someday I can coach for the team, there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be than behind that glass.


Nice video I laughed when the opposing team’s robot was shooting for two and it was right in front of you therefore blocking your view and missing your four shot volley :slight_smile: . But nice robot and nice video.
Do any other drivers duck when frisbees come at you even though you know your behind glass?

For the past 3 years I have been a driver and havn’t watch a 772 match live since. This year at GTR West We had the back up drivers do a few matches so we could finally watch a few. I kinda missed watching them, but as i graduate this year I know I will miss being behind the glass

Cool video btw
I liked that robot that shot into the 2 point like 1503 did, but to be honest they looked a bit better then 1503 :stuck_out_tongue:

In 11 years of competing in FRC both as a student and mentor, I’ve been behind the glass for exactly two matches.

Both as the drive coach, and immediately decided I didn’t like it. I can’t separate my attention from my team’s robot well enough to be an effective drive coach. Its a crummy angle for viewing the field (my favourite location is from fieldside as a field resetter), and there’s too much to pay attention to (6 robots worth of action, plus a timer, and a score.)

I’m a much more effective team member sitting in the stands watching the matches as a lead scouter. Know your talents, people.

I get total tunnel vision during a match, and only see our robot. That’s probably in part because I’m always looking for things to improve, but I also get quite excited during the matches.

I’d be a lousy drive coach.