Behold! The Gear Master S9 Active!

We CADed, routed, and assembled our way to our newest addition. Coming to the Pneumatic Lemur at MRCMP 2017. The Gear Master S9 Active.

-Still slides side to side!
-Active gear placing](
-Can still have the gear removed by the human player in case of a loss of air pressure
-Gear removal based defense (accidental discoveries are usually the best ones)

Only the 3rd team i have seen with a moving gear mech, and the upgrades make it even better. Looks awesome, good luck at DCMP!

Thanks! Which other teams have you seen with a gear mech that slides side to side? As far as I know no one on 1257 has and we’d love to see!:smiley:

Team 8 and Team 4513.

3620 has one. It has been very effective in competition so far, and the Judges have liked it when our students demo for them in the pit. It uses a BAG/VP timing belt drive and slides on a linear bearing. Will look for some better pictures. Thumbnail below is from the week before Bag Day.

4638 Has one

2 Igus slides hold the gear intake and slide left and right with lead screw powered by 10:1 VP and Bag.

Team 5860 - Full Metal Muskrats

Has one too, I don’t have a picture, but our CAD lead did the JAVA program with them at Southfield :slight_smile:

Team 2169 also has a gear slider, check it out at We use a vision program to align the gear with the peg in autonomous and it has proven to be effective. At our first competition we were able to score 8 gears in one match because of our gear slider and floor intake.

Team 610 has one and in all honesty its something that we have only really found useful for autonomous. It is not really a “slider” per say, as it has 2 pistons on each side that can centre the mechanism to the robot or shift one way or the other. We also have elastics to help centre the device naturally. All in all our driver hates having it move when he tries to line it up, and he always keeps it centred. We are at a point where we have now limited the range of motion by enough that we may just take the pistons off. Having a sensor now to detect when the peg is where it should be, illuminating an LED seems to be sufficient as a replacement for the pistons.