BEI Gyro

I was wondering where I could find a datasheet for one of the old BEI gyros.



Here it is, straight from the 2001 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual, section The Robot, Appendix H. :wink:

The 2003 gyro was different externally (different connector, round corners) but I’m not sure if it had the same electronics as the 2001-2002 model. The 2003 manual had no spec sheet for the gyro - it came as a piece of paper inside the box. I’ll check at the school tomorrow if we still have that box intact, I know the gyro is. :ahh:

BEI-gyro.pdf (450 KB)

BEI-gyro.pdf (450 KB)

Should be here

I am guessing the one I wan tis on page one (AQRS-00075-109) because my pins are within the 90 degree bend. That is if you have any clue what I mean.