Being a part of a FIRST Team. <-- Truly Need Some Advice

There is a FIRST team at my high school. I was wondering if there is a rule preventing me from being a part of a team from a different school district. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


There aren’t rules in FIRST that prohibit you from participating on a different team.

The only restrictions would be by the school district. Some schools have rules prohibiting students from other districts participating in school activities but that is dependent on how connected your school is to the team.

When I was a student my high school had a FIRST team but I joined a local area team of homeschoolers and public schoolers whose schools didn’t have FIRST teams.

You can also look for 4h teams in the area. Many of them allow anyone to join.

As stated above, Manchester (FIRST Headquarters) certainly doesn’t care what school you go to.

Some schools may care about accepting students from outside districts, and if your school has an FRC team, they almost certainly will care if you want to join another team.

Our team used to be just students from Memorial (Madison school district), but now we have students from Verona (suburb/my school), Middleton (other suburb), Edgewood (private school), West and East (other Madison schools) and home/virtual school.