Belated Thank You to Chris Hibner

I want say a belated but HUGE Thank You to Chris Hibner for his Scripted Autonomous Control presentation and sample code from the 2011 FIRST Robotics Conference. I didn’t manage to attend it, nor did I manage to get any of my programmers to it, but I did review it this past fall with my programming students. For anyone who hasn’t tried it, it is a simple approach that I was able to have a freshman programmer work on and contribute to the overall robot code project. Not only did using this approach to program autonomous/hybrid mode free up my lead programmers to focus on the drive train and vision processing code, but the flexibility that it provides became a valuable asset to have as a potential alliance partner in eliminations.

I can’t express enough how grateful I am that Chris shared this method, with an excellent presentation and example programs to accompany it. I am hoping that, in the near future, we will publish our code base for our pivot drive system and that it will help a team compete better just as Chris’ presentation has helped us.

Thank you again Chris!

Wow, I’m just happy someone used it and I didn’t waste my time! It’s great that it worked out for you, and congratulations on the big win.

Definitely NOT a waste of time!

Edit: And thanks! :o :slight_smile: