Belt Configuration

Just wondering what anyone thought about this belt configuration? would it work? any suggestions?


i did like how you had the idler in the front. i would then repeat that in the rear too, therefore the middle sprocket will have more contact and thus less prone to slipping. it’s a good start.

Perhaps the middle pulley is an idler? if it’s driven, then the design won’t work very well.

Thanks, but putting an idler on the other end might not be feasible because the belt we have is custom made to length. slippage is minimal due to the teeth in the belt meshing with the teeth in the wheels. Our previous configuration had less contact with the wheels. thanks again for your input

the only drive wheel is the rear wheel, or far right wheel in this case.

the remaining wheels are idlers

If I understand your design correctly, I would switch the powered roller from the right to the left. That would make it so the roller that is being powered will be the one with the most degrees of contact with the belt.

I think you’re fine as is if the rightmost pulley is driven. You won’t see a performance gain for the extra few degrees of wrap the front gives you.

Is there any reason why you’re using unpowered timing pulleys in the middle and leftmost locations? They’re not driven, so they don’t need teeth. Similarly, they could also stand to be smaller.

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what would you use this for anyways?