Belt drive

We figured out a way to attach the belt gears to a shaft; however, we don’t know how to attach belts to the gears and tension them…anybody have tutorials/ vids/ samples?

im not sure i understand as to how it works still…anybody else have more input? i dont want track drives, i want a belt system…the 5mm stuff we got this year, not to drive the wheels but for an arm component

Did you find the literature from Gates about the belts that was in with the kit of parts?

Usually there are two ways to tension a belt: you make it so the shaft that supports one of the pulleys can be moved away from the other pulley, or you add a third pulley called an “idler” that just pushes the belt from the side and keeps it tight.

The only toothed belt I have handy for reference is this one on my car :slight_smile:

it uses an idler that pushes against the inside of the belt.

Sometimes, a little bit of slack in the belt won’t hurt (mainly conveyors). Not the case on an arm, though. Go with a tensioner.

Or…precision-drill the hole locations for the belt’s shafts and hope it holds tension. I’ve done that–330 (2006) had a very high RPM motor attached to a belt, and we never tensioned, other than location of the other end. The same went for the other belt system on the same structure. (We did have one other belt, but one of the two units was tensioned and one was not. I forget which one was on the robot. It was also a very different type of belt.)

i am loving that “idle pulley” system, i’ll design something…thank you!

and what kind of car does that supercharger belong to?

it’s on the 454 in my 55 chevy in my avatar