Belt Pulley CAD

We are trying to make 1:2 gear ratio using belts that we are given with the Andymark DT. Can someone send me the cad of the pulleys that we can 3D print and use for our mechanism?

Linked here under “CAD files”. You’ll have to convert to .stp files (and I’d also suggest joining 2 halves before printing). AndyMark has other pulley CAD files as well–dig through their pulley page for what you’re after.

Need more examples? Try McMaster-Carr (filter to HTD belt pulleys, I’d say to go to 6mm width but that might restrict you too much). Find one with the tooth count you want, click on the part number, select “Product detail”, and save the CAD file. Modify as appropriate before printing (usually that’s “put your own attachment points on”).