Belts and Pulleys

Does anyone know a good place to buy belts and pulleys to move the orbit balls? I live in davenport Florida and we are in need of finding a few.

There’s a supplier in the KOP (Gates), or you could always try McMaster Carr.

ok, thx ill check up on that but I was more so wondering if anyone knew where to get them within the orlando or tampa area.

Almost 95% of the time when you order things from McMaster, they arrive within a business day.

Another good source to look for parts is SDP/SI. They have a large variety of mechanical/motion related parts like sprockets, timing belts, bearings, etc.

If you want something local, check auto parts stores. They may have a lot of random belts (mostly serpentine belts for cars), but may also have pulleys for prototyping. Bicycle/motorcycle/dirt bike/etc related stores may also have timing belts, as well as roller chain.

Lots of companies like Gates and Applied have directories on their sites which allow you to search for distributors in your area code.

Sometimes talking to a human is safer than buying something online :slight_smile:

try motion industries.
they have distribution centers all over the usa.

We have checked the local auto part stores and have found that belts and pulleys seem to be a little too pricey!