Belts, Timing Belts, and Automobiles.

Nevermind the title.

I need to a clarification of this belt rule.

The team update says:

The timing belt entry has been changed to the following:

Belt - Any size, Any length for use with pulleys

The timing belt? or the belt? eh?

So can we use any kind of “belt” for the drive train or not? And if we decide to use “timing belt” how much of it can we use combined? 20ft? Am I right in reading all this?

Darnit, FIRST needs to make this clearer. That or they should include a brain in the kit.


I believe you can use any amount of any size of any type of belt on your robot, but remember - joining together 2 ends of a belt takes a lot of practice to make pretty and strong.

What that rule means is that you can use any belt (timing or regular) of whatever size you want. However, that belt must be used with pulleys (as a power transmission device). You can’t use a belt as a cover around wheels to increase traction (as I know many teams did in 2000) or anything else that doesn’t invovle pulleys.


What about “Chain/Belt – Any Length”?

It seems to me that this allows belt material to be used for whatever purpose desired?

Joe J.

I assume that Chain/Belt includes conveyor belt too! Cool!

Okay FIRST – leave them to hire ninnies to confuse other ninnies.

What is the final say with this? Can we use “BELTS,” particularly vbelts, timing belts, or whatever other belts (belt for my pants?) on the robot drive train – for traction of wheels?

YES OR NO!?!???! Quick Overnight shipping is tomorrow!