Ben Folds Lip-Syncs

I just wanted to world to know, that I saw Ben Folds at Ball State in Muncie, IN today. The show started off ok, but around the middle, he was singing “Kate” and his voice tracked started skipping! He walked away from his piano (which was still playing), danced around on stage for a few seconds, then just walked off :ahh:

Then this guy named Chris something (who opened for Ben Folds) came back out and did Hank Williams covers to try and occupy the crowd! :eek:

If you are a Ben Folds fan or know someone who is, let them know and if you or them have seen him live, reply here if you noticed anything like this … im just dumbfounded :confused:

Sounds to me like maybe no one has seen him live :wink:

Who is he anyway?

Ben Folds & Chris Something?? I hope you got in for free!

Ben can just “Blame it on the Rain”.

I have seen Ben live and let me tell you, if nothing else at least at that show it was most definitely live. He interacts with the crowd, makes jokes, sings impromptu songs (for instance he sang one 2 weeks ago at UPitt about a “lonely building” that was across the street), and even has the audience sing harmonies along with him. I’m not sure about your experience, it is possible that he was sick or something that night. I won’t deny what you saw, but I will tell you the Ben Folds is a very entertaining, impressive live performer. He’s playing here in a few weeks for our Slope Day (last day of classes) performance, I can’t wait!

About 10 years ago, I saw the Ben Folds Five open for the Smithereens at a small club in Myrtle Beach. Both were good, but Ben Folds was better. Sounds like you got Ben on a bad night, Rufus.


Yeah, I’ve seen Ben Folds a few times too, and he’s done stuff to make me know that he can sing … maybe the track that skipped was a background vocals track?

In any case, that sort of “dancing off the stage” sounds too similar to Ashley Simpson’s little mishap for my tastes… I can’t see Ben doing anything like that. He’s a really great guy and an amazing performer, he is not one to rely on prerecorded anything. He does enough on his own to not need it.

Maybe he did it to poke fun at Ashley … although he’s a bit too late, IMO.

I have seen him live at Ravinia and he was definately live. He even incorparated a hometown Chicago original Rock this B****. I reccomend Ben Folds Live at Perth… its a DVD I got for christmas and I really like it.

I’m thinking Martus might be on to something, because I have seen him before (Rufus Wainwright, Ben Folds, and Guster @ The Lawn at White River). Maybe it was a joke or something, but it definitely took everyone there by surprise.

Hopefully he puts something up on-line to explain it. I was searching for something to that effect today and the event has already made it onto wikipedia … guess word travels fast in this technological age :yikes:

I guess until then we will just have to wait until he comes back around, to get the full effect :wink: