Besides FIRST

What do you do @ School besides FIRST for Extra’s


Debate Club
Young Democrats Club
Video Club

College mentor.

I play DDR.
I drive.
I listen to far to much music.
I am online far to much.


DDR for life.

I don’t do anything but class, at school.

My current school has no team.

keep in mind that if i don’t keep myself busy i’ll go insane…

in high school: student gov, nat’l honor society, french club, interact, journalism. outside of school: 4-h, church stuff, and piano.

now: hw hw hw, student alumni association (we do the rallies, tailgates, etc), floor gov, and bruin democrats.

diversity is good :slight_smile:

on top of school and FIRST, i’ve taken on more than i should really: a cappella, california scholarship federation, mathletes, anime club, and i write for the school newspaper sometimes. then there are my weekly piano lessons. my scheduling is insane. there just aren’t enough hours in a day and days in a week…

Soccer (HS and Club)
Freelance Hockey Player :smiley:
Advertisement design (for school newspaper & yearbook)
Work (at Sears for $6.65 p/hr yay!)

-Hang around Best Buy, CompUSA, and Barns & Nobel
-Work at Apple Store (when built at new Mall :smiley: !!!)
-Listen To Music
-Watch TV

School? Pfft…that’s just an extension of my sleep period :stuck_out_tongue:

The last extracurricular activity I was in before FIRST was…uhh…little league baseball in 4th grade.

work (bed and breakfast)
piano, flute, voice, conducting, and theory lessons
marching, concert, pep, and musical pit band
Student council
German Teacher Assistant
Girl Scouts
active in my church
Lego League mentor… (woops… that’s FIRST)
dance (tap, lyrical, jazz, modern, pointe, ballett)
rifle (hunting, Jr. Sportsman team, Adult Sportsman team, and school team)

not enough months in a year.... not enough years in a lifetime

Hmmm outside of FIRST?

Work (at Sears)
… … …

That’s about it … :confused: I’m always so busy too :frowning:

  • Katie

Drama Club
Latin Club
Mu Alpha Theta
Joe Burg
MOSH Internship
Going off

hmm… a few things I do besides mess with these forums:
Web design / programming projects
Play Guitar [although I’ve neglected it recently :(]
Listen to lots o’ music.

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**Listen to lots o’ music. **

ListenTo, Puburso, etc…

I really couldn’t figure that one out :rolleyes:

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ListenTo, Puburso, etc…

I really couldn’t figure that one out :rolleyes: **

is this one of those posts where i am supposed to see sarcasm??

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is this one of those posts where i am supposed to see sarcasm?? **

Hence the Rollyeyes!!!

Work at Hospital (I’m a doctor)
Drive to Appleton :smiley:
Internet Addiction

in high school i did a lot of other activities…now that i’m in college…i do FIRST…oh wait…that takes up all my time…so it’s either that or homework!! YUCK!! :stuck_out_tongue:

work-nursing home

Wait a minute…you mean to tell me that there is something out there that isn’t FIRST!?

Let’s see… I do National History Day, and that’s because I am in the AP class. And… College. Yeah. My life is hectic and busy. I will go crawl into my hole and sleep now…