Beşiktaş Rsports ? | 2023 Off-season Build Blog

For grip, you could also consider silicone rubber tubing, as was used by multiple teams for their intakes. I’m unsure if McMaster will ship to Turkiye, but other vendors will likely sell an equivalent.

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We already have some black silicone tubing from McMaster. But I believe the one we have is not large enough for a 50mm (~2") roller, even with the compressed air trick. We had to use 50mm rollers to be able to deliver the cubes to our claw with just 2 rollers. We couldn’t figure out the geometry with smaller diameters.

I used the same material with a different team back in 2020, and it worked great. I believe it would work great here too. So, thank you for your suggestion. :heart: We ordered the Cat’s Tongue tape to one of our member’s relative who will travel here in near future. Our only reasoning was to experiment with a new material.

(Shopping from McMaster with a Turkish card is not fun btw.:expressionless:)



To be honest, the past few days have been frustrating. It felt like walking forward, and going backwards. So I am leaving this beauty for the background, hoping to communicate despite the language barrier.

What we dealt with:

  • Rewiring “Centrifuge”
  • Mounting the original gears for the new bot’s intake deployment
  • rereassembling swerve modules (yes, again :weary:)
  • Testing “Centrifuge”



Even 9 months ago, we had bad feelings about the electrical aspects of this bot. We couldn’t offer ourselves enough space because of our design choices. In the end, I don’t regret what we did, “Centrifuge” felt more unique than any other bot I got my hands on. But even this day, we deal with the consequences.

After some bitter work, it is better than what we had before, way better than the last time’s mess. I am certainly sure that it could still be better, but it is safe to consider it as an upgrade. Here is a photo right after mounting the new Talon SRXs. (We don’t have enough BLDC motors for two bots, so we replaced two Falcons with 775pro + versa planetary combo on “Centrifuge”.)


Some tweaks will be made, when we feel motivated.


We received the laser cut gears for the intake. Not even sure why they are 10DP since they are going to be used with a custom rack, so they could have been metric. :man_facepalming:

the usage:

Sliding motion got better and better really fast as the steel gears ate up the lexan rack. At this point, I am afraid of it getting better till there are no teeth left on lexan. :skull:


Right before we were about to start testing, we noticed some issues with our MK4 modules.

  • Pushing the billet wheels upwards were raising the azimuth pulleys ~1.5mm (~0,06").
  • Even lightly tightening the round spacer bolts was locking the wheels in certain wheel directions.

Reasons for these problems felt like our modules being 5 competitions and many driver practices old, and poor assembly. After disassembly, one minor, and one major problem caught our eyes.

  • Most of the bolts were covered in dried loctite and hard to tighten all the way. Felt normal because we reassembled these things several times since they were bought. We made them wait in brake fluid overnight, heated them up and wire brushed them. (We won’t find these blots in Türkiye.:roll_eyes:)

  • The bruh moment has occurred when we noticed that these bearings were mounted upside down.:man_facepalming:

Everything was smooth after these fixes.


After some work on the code, the compressor shorted. We tried to solve this issue by inspecting the external wires since they were damaged and had glue on them, but couldn’t find anything. Compressor’s condition has been really bad for a long time. I suspected about an internal melting, but I consider myself as a caveman when it comes to electronics. Eager to hear your opinions, if you have one! We replaced it with our backup one, and it works well.

After some tweaks, we started flipping once again!

We are in peace for now. Until next time, thank you for joining, and hope you have a nice day.


Do you powder coat or spray paint? The paint job looks good.

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Thank you!

All parts are anodized with very few exceptions.

You anodize the aluminum extrusion? That’s pretty uncommon. Is that done in house?

Hello There

“General Kenobi”

It’s been long since our last update. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are back.


  • Event status
  • Electronics
  • Bumpers
  • Control software

Event Status

We finally have an event to compete in.:partying_face: Istanbul Off-season will take place in late October. Most of the details are not published yet.


It was a bit easier than “Centrifuge” since we had some space.

New bot’s electronics are almost complete. We took advantage of this since it was sufficient for some testing.


We made the bumpers minus the fabrics and numbers. Fittings are a bit loose and one of the mounting points is really hard to reach. (almost impossible💀) I kinda hate bumper work.


We did some tests on the shooting. Range and accuracy seems to be workable.:moyai:
It was indeed the first time. :disguised_face:

We already broke the CF tube while testing.:roll_eyes: We’ll probably change the diameter and grade since it seems to be too brittle for our application.

There seems to be nothing much left until we start driver practices. Until next time, thank you for joining, and hope you have a nice day.


How does this mechanism work?

And as for the roller intake, where do you buy the lexan tube for it?

Hi! I’ll try my best to explain.

We have a 50mm (~2") OD aluminum tube with machined end caps which are welded.

The claw is live, and the CF stick is dead axle. CF holding printed piece has bearings inside, so it is not effected by the claw’s movement.

Just a random local seller in Türkiye.