Best <1 minute video promoting FIRST

If you’d like to tell someone what FIRST is and inspire them to participate, particularly as a sponsor or mentor, what video link do you send them?

The one-minute time limit is somewhat arbitrary but it acknowledges a need to tell the story in a concise way. Think of a typical 30-second commercial advertisement.


In addition to talking about FIRST, it might be helpful (to sponsors and mentors) to know what your team does. Something like a Chairman’s video, robot reveal, or something else might help show them the impact you have locally.

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It’s 2 minutes, but this one gets me every time: This Isn't a Robot (Produced by RadicalMedia) - YouTube


Here is the better version: This is Most Definitely A Robot - YouTube


Absolutely true, Jack. That’s an excellent idea.

My question isn’t necessarily intended to solve a specific need for our specific team but to showcase content that does a good job of telling the story of First to a world with a limited attention span.

This video is from Ford’s perspective (and is branded as Ford’s STEAM initiatives rather than FIRST), but it hits hard in the feels. 90 seconds

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