Best 1x1 and 1x2 Replacement to VersaFrame Tubing?

VersaFrame is still out of stock. I emailed their support asking for updates. Our team likes VersaFrame because it eliminates the need to drill every single hole needed on our robot, saving precious build hours we have after school. Our team has invested heavily in Vex products (VersaPlanetary, Gussets, VersaBlock) in the past two years and would like to continue to use the items we have in our inventory.

The best replacement I could find is the REV ION MAXTube in “No Pattern” option. Or we can just buy tubes that aren’t predrilled. The problem with REV ION is the holes are #10 while Vex parts are #8, so the screw holes will align but not be snug on the screws.

Any recommendations?

other than rev, your best bet is online metals. funny enough though, the same tubing WITHOUT predrilled holes from online metals costs more than the predrilled stuff from vex or rev

I saw that too and was frustrated by that. Some places double the cost. I think its because most “blank” tubes are .125in thickness instead of .1, more metal more weight more cost.

I guess we can drill out each #10 to a #8 on REV ION, so at least the holes are correctly measured in the right place for us.

An #8 is smaller than a #10. You can just use washers over the #10 hole for #8 to fit better though. You will have more play in your holes but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Is there any reason why you can’t just drill out the holes in the versa gussets?

We got a bunch of Maxtube this year and it’s awesome

WCP is another option for tubing

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Duh, my bad. I wrote it backwards. Drill out holes in Versa Gussets I think is the way we go.


Thanks! Much better pricing than McMaster/etc.

Good to hear! I think we are trending towards this option. How do you like the thickness? It looks like two sides are thinner than the others? Or its just a typo in the specs because it doesn’t seem to match the images

  • MAXTube - 2x1 - with Grid Pattern - 47in
    • Width: 0.125 wall on 2in long side 0.04 on 1in side, #10-32 nut grooves on 1in side
    • Weight: 1007g (2.22lbs)

Careful if ordering WCP Tubing if you’re on the east coast. Orders seem to get stuck in the shadow realm of the midwest, get huge delays, and then show up later than expected.


We see this across the board. Coast to coast shipping this time of year is tough for FedEx and ups. Weather in Cali has been tough as it’s been raining non stop.


AndMark also has box tube in stock.

I know it’s not exactly what you were looking for, but you can make/print a jig to drill holes on a 1" pitch by locating off the previous hole.