Best 2010 Autonomous

Hey guys,

What is the best autonomous you’ve seen so far?

Individual team… Alliance… and single match


For the individual team, 67 has an autonomous mode where they shoot and score 4 balls. They start in the far zone, kick three, then traverse the bump and kick one in the middle zone.

It’s a crazy good autonomous.

I would love to see a video of that. Sounds impressive.

They start closest to the camera and are the 3 balls that mysteriously get shot out of off screen :slight_smile:

How repeatable is this? Our issue is that while the balls usually land in about the same spot, they end up with variable amounts of spin and bounce which sometimes make them ricochet off the chains or hit the metal bar on the top of the goal. This problem seems to be pretty ubiquitous among teams. If 67 is consistently scoring 3-4, I’d love to see how they coped with this issue.

My team, (1592) shoots 5 balls in autonomous consistently. The 3 in the far zone, and the 2 in the middle. Last week at Colorado, we made 4 in during one of the qualifications. Others, making usually 2-3 balls in.

Well they always get the balls into the near zone, but on average 1-3 are scored at a time. Although will all of those balls in your near zone, then they can easily score them.

I think the issues you mentioned are affecting all teams out there, and can keep anyone from scoring a perfect auton mode from zone 3 every time.

Check out the first match of the Finals in LA this last weekend. 9 points scored in autonomous

Saw that live… Wasn’t paying attention that much after that

Best auton thus far:

2851 making what is believed to be the first “469 auton”. We successfully wedged ourselves in the tunnel and our treaded wheels kept us there.

Scoring 2 or more points in autonomous is probably one of the most advantageous. 2016, 1519, and 230 won events partly because of autonomous, so I’ll go with them simply due to their higher than average repeatability.

1772 definately had the best autonomus at palmetto, but from reading these posts it sounds like it was nothing compared to a lot of teams.

We are not completely consistent… at a competition… yet. The biggest problem is as you’ve described. The trick to getting around this is to bounce the balls on the ground somewhere before the goal because they go in far more consistently at lower speeds and/or rolling.

1502, the MeTool brigade, was able to score 2-3 balls consistently from the far end. They ended up winning the St Louis Regional.

The MeTool Brigade is team 1208.

Our autonomous mode is actually setup to kick 5 balls. We consistently kick 4 balls, but we usually misfire on the 5th ball.

I’d say we consistently score 1 out of 4. Our best so far is 3 out of 5.

Alot of times the shots are on track, but they bounce off the chains.

Too me it is more important to kick the balls than it is to score them. Although, its really exciting when they do score.

Chas_G of Team developed an auton for defending against 469 at Troy. It worked wonderfully (even with their mechanums), and did something similar to what you described.

He also lent his code to many other teams at Troy to use :slight_smile:

That would explain why I only thought you went for four. Still though, that’s a really impressive autonomous mode.

I can agree with the chain issues; it seems that they are the reason a team doesn’t score all of their balls in auto (us included!).

And it’s definitely more important to get the balls into your zone. Sure, a few points are nice, but with the balls in your zone it allows for two things: 1. Your balls are out of your opponent’s home zone 2. The balls are in your home zone, so you can easily score them.

1261, 343, and 2815 made 4 in finals at Palmetto.

We(1261) would consistently make 1, and 2815 would consistently make one. The points went between 2-4 depending on how our shots/343’s shots went.

But regardless, the autonomous buffer was still extremely comforting when entering teleop.

We have ours set up for 2 different sets, our slow setting(3-ball) kicks only the far 3, our Fast setting(5-ball) kicks the far three and middle 2

our slow setting scores 1 everytime, 2 50% of the time and we have scored 3 in a couple matches

our fast setting kicks all 5 85% of the time and always scores 1-2, scores 3 about 30% of the time and we scored 4 balls in 1 match and the 5th ball was kicked into the front zone

(all these scores are from our robot alone, not counting our other alliances number scored)

I think that 573 should be up there. We have one that clears all 3 balls from zone 3, and often scores them. We also had a 469 program that blocked them out of the tunnel, and our alliance was the first to actually beat them with that strategy.