Best 6" wheel / roller for a hooded shooter?

Hi, our team is working on a hooded shooter design and are currently using the 6" white plaction wheels but they are horribly unbalanced and we do not believe they are meant for high-speed operations like this. Are there any wheels or rollers that teams have found to work well at this size for shooting? Thank you!

We had good luck with dual colsons in testing and likely production


My team is using 4 inch stealth wheels, I believe that the 6 inch variety (assuming there is one, idk) should work the same.

Alas, Stealth wheels are only in 2” and 4” variety


Our 6 in white high grip AM wheels work well. We are using 2.

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We’re going with 4” wheels but if we were going with 6” I’d consider getting Fairlane wheels with a 1 1/8” opening and glue it/press fit hubs in them.

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We are using three 6" colsons wheels

Our team is using 2 of these performance wheels ( because they were able to achieve a inertia that we were looking for. We are slipping on a timing belt over them as the friction material, which is not common, but is a cheap and equal replacement for the tread.

We used an old performance wheel as a prototype and it’s working pretty well.


Where did you find 6" colson wheels?

Fixtureworks has them but they take forever to ship.

You wouldn’t happen to have a part# would ya?

I found the local Colson dealer from Colson’s website. In the Hamilton Ontario area it’s RW Hamilton in Burlington. It took 3-4 days to get them. Colson Canada has a warehouse in Cambridge

I’m clearly not awake yet. Fixtureworks has Fairlanes, sorry. Robot marketplace is the only place we’ve found 6" Colsons, but we had a bunch left over from an old project.

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McMaster carries 6" colsons, see:


This eBay seller also sells 6" Colsons. Apparently they see use on some floor polishers.

6" Colson wheels, no bearing

The guy was intrigued when we bought more than a dozen of them.


How did you guys run power to these? Did you fabricate your own hex hub? Did you press fit bearing?

We used Vex live hubs:

Vex live Colson hubs

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Same, but it looks like they’re out of stock at Vex and backordered at WCP.

Easy enough to turn on a lathe. The drawing is available on the Vexpro website.

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