Best Alliance names (real and fictional)

Let’s put together some of the best alliance names you have heard or think would be interesting.


125+69+126 It just sounds intimidating.

At midwest.

Ultimate WinnoStang

Two of my favorite are.

The Flyers, Thunderchickens, and Foley Freeze(us) form the Flying Frozen Chickens!

and anytime we are paired up with HOT for one reason…

FREEZERBURN :stuck_out_tongue:


the SimChickens… hands down

or maybe

DivisionByChicken (Refering to the 229/217 alliance at GTR in 2006)

i also like the CyberRobotix (103,25)

oh, and who could forget

the PINK SWAMP BEAST!!! (2007 championship event 233/179/71)

the northernChickenWizzards seems cool too (296/217/522)

i can come up with these all day long
CheezyRollers (254/987)
The MiricleAssault (365,357)
… i think this one would be catchy Hot and Cold (67/188)

I liked the Pink Poofs in Hawaii

The Angry Red Martian Cats.

The Wall of Maroon

I think the IRI featured the Cheesy ThunderKats once (254, 217, 45)

I am really hoping “Burning Flash or Metal” could be formed one day:cool: