Best Alliance Selections Acceptance Ever

Alright, probably not, but hey, I got your attention, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

With this year’s Monty Madness being his last competition as a student, FRC Team 1676’s graduating 2-year Co-CEO, Jeff Chen, wanted to top his pizza-box Alliance Selections acceptance from last year.

What he ended up doing this time was, well, certainly memorable. :wink:

How many other people can say they’ve been shirtless on an FRC field before? :rolleyes:

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Gee Ryan, you’re slipping…:stuck_out_tongue:

Man, I must be getting old :rolleyes:

Im sorry, the 118 acceptance from 2008 on Curie is the best ever.

To slow


I was standing right there on the field. It was interesting to say the least.

Edit* At Monty

Which one, Robonauts or Pioneers?

I have to admit that Robonauts wins for originality, since it was 6 years ago.

I love both of these so much, it has gotten me thinking about what clever things we could do in the future. You get a few seconds to say yes, while you have the entire arena’s attention. Why not go out there and do something awesome?

At 2014 South Florida, we had the Ninjaneers student (who is a girl) accept an invitation by saying “we’d be honored to possess your balls.” lets just say we never saw that one coming and it left the MC speechless.

Most years we try to do a gag during alliance selections, here’s ours in 2013 at 13:00.

One year we tried doing a gag with delivering packages as alliance invitations (and having them “sign for it” if they accept) but other alliance captains got really confused, so we don’t do invitation gags anymore.

I remember someone accepted an alliance invitation at North Star and said “hell yeah!” Which made a lot of people actually gasp (myself included). At our state competition, someone pretended to get a phone call and called up the team they wanted to invite, that was pretty cool. These are super great though, I can’t wait for people to get even more creative.

At MN State tournament, 2530 (Inconceivable)'s mascot dressed as Dred Pirate Roberts from Princess Bride was also our alliance selection rep.

The acceptance was three words: “As you wish”

On a related note, one of the favorite buttons given away was from our team – “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my robot, prepare to die”

My favorite happened @ The 2012 DC regional where all the teams were suddenly hit by inspiration to get creative with their acceptance into their alliance. One of the last teams to get picked came up to accept their team being picked and the kid said simply “I have nothing really creative to say, so I’ll just say yes.”.

The Jeff Wetzel effect.

I walk the line of student captains prior to selections and ask them to not “Graciously Accept” but to write a haiku or something more creative. This year at Chesapeake was my first event in about 20 since I started doing this that I got ZERO “Graciously Accepts”. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Here you go - the ‘Phone call’ starts about the 25 sec mark…

I was really impressed that 3018’s team rep was on the ball and had a clever answer. . . That was a really fun alliance selection.

I saw the thread title and immediately thought of Monty Madness 2014. Best I have every seen personally! Definitely won Andy’s most creative acceptance challenge if you ask me.

I was in the pit at the during monty madness alliance selections. I distinctly remember a team member running into the pit and saying “Someone just tore their shirt off to accept! It was so cool! oh yeah and we got picked for first seed with Nemesis and Ms. Daisy.”
^slightly exaggerated.