Best alternatives to RevRobotics's out of stock Through Bore Encoder (REV-11-1271)

We’re using two NEO motors, two MaxPlanetary gearboxes, and two Spark Maxes to power/control a double-jointed arm. We saw other teams use and highly recommend RevRobotics’s Through Bore Encoder instead of the NEO motors’ built-in encoder (which apparently isn’t as precise). Therefore, we would like to use two absolute encoders to know the exact angles of our arm’s forearm and bicep.

What’s the best alternative to RevRobotics’s Through Bore Encoder (which is out of stock)?

Can/should we put an AMT103-V encoder between a NEO motor and its MaxPlanetary gearbox?

This is a solid choice if the hex mounting is important to you.

The AMT encoders are great, but that one is not absolute - only incremental.

If you can figure out how to mount it properly, this encoder is also a great choice:

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andy marks 10 turn pot, is a great alternative, can be wired into the spark using the alternate encoder adapter, we currently us this on our arm, while using the through bore on the wrist.

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The alternatives listed here are good ones, As I posted in the REV thread, Through bore encoders will be available early next week.


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