Best and quickest way to get a two piece auto

My team has a week 4 event this weekend and in order to improve our scores in autonomous we want to program an auto that can score the staged piece then move to pick up and score a second. We have tuned and characterized our tank drive base with the WPILib Sysid tool. In order to move our robot to precisely collect the other game piece we are considering using a positional and angular PID controller or a ramsete command with a Pathplanner trajectory.

We believe the trajectory following will give us the most consistent results, but we are under a serious time crunch for the next competition and have some concerns about getting it working in time. We have done some brief testing with a positional PID controller, but have yet to run a trajectory. Considering our team’s situation what do you think is the best move? Using a positional and angular PID, or trajectory following with a ramsete command? Any other tips on getting this done will be appreciated.

Using the PathPlanner command and auto builder is pretty easy. We were able to get path following working with only a little bit of tuning effort.

So basically, we wouldn’t see any significant time savings using the positional PID controller vs pathplanner?

Pathplanner is easier to make autonomous programs with in my opinion. You would spend more time doing positional PID.

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How difficult is it to implement path planner with java and a tank drive system with no experience with path planners before

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It depends… If you have your robot set up similar to the ramsette command example in wpilib with all of the motor directions, encoder directions, gyro directions, encoder distance conversions, feed forward constants, and such all correct it will not take long. If it is not it might take a while to troubleshoot.

allwpilib/wpilibjExamples/src/main/java/edu/wpi/first/wpilibj/examples/ramsetecommand at main · wpilibsuite/allwpilib (

I would also look at the Trajectory Tutorial.
allwpilib/wpilibjExamples/src/main/java/edu/wpi/first/wpilibj/examples/ramsetecommand at main · wpilibsuite/allwpilib (

Pathplanner does not use the Ramsette Command, but it needs all of the stuff that it takes to get that working in order to work properly such as odometery and pose. Once that is all working it did not take long to get pathplanner to work when we followed the wiki and examples.

PathPlannerLib: Java Usage · mjansen4857/pathplanner Wiki (

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