Best Autonomous EVER ... (?)

Watch the center Blue Robot on the right. One of the encoders came unplugged. It created an epic auton …

Dr. Joe where are you? Because this really needs to be submitted to a Week 6 GIF Contest.

We might have watched this 10 times on Friday night of PCH Champs

“First time!!! It worked the first time!!!”

Hyperbole(1). It was only an amazing auton; what would have made it epic would be accidentally running into the switch fence and mistakenly dropping the cube into the switch. :eek: Lucky that it didn’t tip over, though.

(1) I’m sure if your parents told you once, they told you a million times not to exaggerate. :wink:

Ha! True, no need for hyperbole, just state the facts. However many revolutions, (factor of 360). This auto would rank up there in revolutions per second with the top skate/snowboarders… I’d say…and with that balance all the way through to take off into teleop. Nice

Is that like a robot impression of a moonwalk?

Reminds me of our match in 2016 when they enabled the robot (gyro) before rotating the robot 180 degrees.:rolleyes: (center blue)

Yeeeha! It was amazing to watch! The whole crowd was cheering when it landed on it’s wheels and not it’s back!

Who knew popping a wheelie could look so dang cool?

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to SenorZ again.