Best banquet/recap/highlights of season Video???

Hi all, my team is compiling a banquet/recap/highlights of season video for the last season and we would like to see the best ones FROM THIS YEAR. Please direct us to examples.


Here are a few good ones I know:

148’s recap.

1678’s recap.

3309’s recap.

My previous team 2052’s recap.

I’m probably missing some good ones, but this is the best I can do remembering around midnight :stuck_out_tongue:

In addtion to the ones mentioned, a couple others come to mind:

987 always has a good recap. Here’s this year’s

Also 1690 just released one that I thought was well made:

I may be a little biased, but 1678’s 2015 recap is one of my favorites. The clips chosen, music, and everything in general I think really suit the actual experience well.

Watch it here

These were shown after several of the district events. The first one is from the district championship

Certainly not the best but I’ll submit our team recap video, which works well as a banquet background. At 20 minutes it’s way too long to make a casual stranger sit through, but for anyone directly involved it’s worth it to see the complete story. Families and friends really appreciated this.

For what it’s worth, I lack the fortitude to gather and edit season video so the whole thing was done with stills synched to music.

This is our recap video of the Pinetree event from week 6.

(Also not the best but it is something and that’s what counts :D)

Team 5826. Lowly rookies but Pink Floyd does make for good Robot Music…