Best Battery?

So with all of the Battery Options now available (as of the 2014-01-28), are any of these batteries better than the others?

If possible please link the Spec Sheets.

[quote=“Game Manual Update 2014-01-28”]
[li] Enersys (P/N: NP18-12)[/li][li] MK Battery (P/N: ES17-12)[/li][li] Battery Mart (P/N: SLA-12V18)[/li][li] Sigma (P/N: SP12-18)[/li][li] Universal Battery (P/N: UB12180)[/li][li] Power Patrol (P/N: SLA1116)[/li][li] Werker Battery (P/N: WKA12-18NB)[/li][li] Power Sonic (P/N: PS-12180 NB)[/li][li] Yuasa (P/N: NB18-12B)[/LIST][/li][/quote]

Edit: I’m 99% sure all of these batteries are nearly identical, and at least 3 of these probably come from the same factory with different labels. You know, like How Ford/Lincoln/Mercury works.

This was discussed a little here:

I think what you will find is that they are all nearly identical, otherwise they wouldn’t all be legal. That would provide an unfair advantage to a team that can afford the better batteries. Every single one will provide you the power you need for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Now depending on how much load you put on it, you may be able to drain them pretty quick. But if you remain in, or near, the batteries spec sheets (which can be found by searching the specific battery on the manufacturers website) amp hour rating everything should be just fine.