Best Blogs

I’m relatively new to first and i was wondering which are the best FRC blogs to follow, any suggestions?

I’d honestly have to say JVN’s.

Non FRC related but still pretty funny (engineering related):

I’d start from the beginning, so page 29 or whatever it is.


JVN’s is a must and you should go back and read his posts from the 2011 build season there are some real gems there.

Several teams have build logs and blogs that get updated sparing. (My team’s, Fighting Calculators, etc.)

The FRCdirector Blog is where you can get official FRC updates (

All the links mentioned so far are great.

I’ll add a few more that I follow, Greg Needel and Vamfun

You can also follow team’s facebook or twitter feeds.

While not a FIRST blog, I enjoy:

Core77 which brings a lot of neat design material and often covers the artist/designers processes.

A great blog that has been started by Justin Foss on team 2168. I check it regularly and his content is very well thought out and produced.

Ah, Joe you beat me to it. Even though it hasn’t been updated in awhile, another blog I find interesting is from Chris Picone on 2791. It not only cover this season and the past two seasons. Each one of his posts are a good read, plenty of information on mechanical knowledge and strategy.

The link to Chris Picone’s blog is posted incorrectly. It should be:

Go to the google and search from there…
You cant take better ideas from there…