Best Chain Tools for FRC

Our chain tools are not great and looking for an upgrade this year. From other threads i see everyone recommending the dark soul chain breaker. But what about a chain tensioner? We currently have this tool and turning that nob to tigthen the chain is very painful.

have you considered fabricating a crank to turn the bolt on your chain tensioner? I bet if you pulled the knob off (maybe don’t yank the knob off unless you have some spare tensioners and after you have done a little more research) you’d find a square head on the bolt


The Dark Soul and similar tools have pins that will hold the chain for you as you break and splice it, so a tensioner isn’t necessary unless your chain is tighter than it probably ought to be.


To echo this; IMO, if the chain is too tight to reassemble using a dark soul tool, then you probably shouldn’t be trying to reassemble it on the robot in the first place. When it comes to that point, I usually end up disassembling the mechanism, connecting the untensioned chain, and then reassembling everything else.

Sometimes a good pair of needle nose pliers can help make the process easier, but if you need to actually use a chain tensioning tool to assemble your chain, you’re probably doing something wrong.

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Thanks for the comments! You all are right. The chain is just too tight, we are a new team struggling with good mechanical design. We were trying to finish our 2020 robot, in this year’s preseason, which we never completed or competed with. Now we’ll be focusing on the 2022 game. Going forward we’ll use either a chain tensioner or use a gear inside the chain loop for tensioning.

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