Best climber you have seen in 2020 season

After our week one we are redesigning our climber to work. I have been looking at lots of other teams to get inspired from. If you have anything that you think is the meta or just cool i would like to see it.

well ensure you watch Waterbury this weekend i think our climber 3146 is pretty spiffy and still allows us to go under the control panel.

Single arm or dual arm? 4976 had one of the most consistent, highest and fastest looking single arm climbs at Durham this weekend…

Check out the 548 climber, we use a single hook that is powered by two large cylinders. We control it using a winch and string. We competed at FiM Southfield week 1 if you want to check out how we climb and what it looks like.


I may be biased, but “elevator” type climbs seemed a lot faster and more controlled than “arm” or “winch” type climbs.


They haven’t competed yet but 111 has one of the fastest and most effective winch/arm combination climbers I’ve seen.


Heavily depends on what your robot currently looks like and what functionality you want. The most consistent climber will probably be a pretty standard elevator (4130, 2337), but that gives up moving under the color wheel and requires designing around it. A less invasive option would be a telescope (Everybot). A telescope can also be made to go under the color wheel (1690) or pull-away (33), if you so desire. If you do go the telescope route, I believe the CAD for 610’s 2016 climber is public.

In years past, it has been awesome to see fast climbs, shooting up +20" in the last few seconds.
But this year we only need to climb a few inches, and it is best not to cause a violent swinging action which may damage or knock off alliance members. I think if you plan to climb super fast; best to be centered and minimize the sudden, off-center jerk.
For example, it looks like 2465 could have been damaged or missed their climb due to what is actually a fantastic climber on 973.

I agree. We’re climbing a lot slower with partners, but in matches without another climber, it’s nice to be able to keep scoring up to the last second.


Not to mention the additional mechanical security you gain… then again I may also be biased :wink:

Underrated climber. The ease of use and build is super easy

No auto-balance or buddy climb but you don’t need it most of the time


I submit for your review, 2370:

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Came here to say that. In terms of inspirational ability, it’s hard to top Everybot this year.


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