Best coding software for Bayesian Q learning

I have a project in school and I am trying to make a robot that can use range sensors and color sensors to move around a maze. But right now I’m just trying to find a program to write the code.

Here is what I’m trying to do

What do you mean by coding software? Language shouldn’t really matter but I would recommend Python. As for specific packages, try Pytorch, or Tensorflow

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I was thinking more of application so thanks but i tried it uses alot when it comes to processing

Scipy/Numpy/Scikit-learn are all pretty useful when doing anything with a lot of math like this.

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I’d recommend pytorch for anything machine learning related. I don’t think there’s anything off the shelf that will do Q-learning (or any RL for that matter), though.

ok ill look into those and see if some of those would work.

I don’t know about any pre-existing q-learning implementations but I’ve implemented it myself in Python with the numpy/scipy stack and it wasn’t bad

For the record, any sort of online reinforcement learning is going to take a lot of training time - I’d recommend making a simulated robotic environment and running a bunch (couple thousand is a good starting point) of test runs before even using a physical robot.


I was thinking so as well i just need to know what to use for running the program

I’d bet you’ll have to implement the vast majority of the algorithm yourself, so it doesn’t matter if you use C++, Python, Java, or any other language – I’d use whatever you feel most comfortable with as long as it has decent math packages. Numpy+Scipy is always a great way to go though.

Beat me to it, this is exactly what I came down here to post.

Alright thanks ill try and see how it goes and come back if i need more help

OK so i have a problem my school computers dont have the ability to run some of the programs but i need to do the project i need an easy to use application

Microsoft Azure Notebooks might help if you can’t install anything on the computers you have access to. I’ve personally never used it but know people that have with good success.

ok thanks

You can also try Google Collab.

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