Best Connectors

Hey guys,
Sorry to disturb all of you but I was just wondering what the best connectors are to use for motor controllers, I know that Anderson Powepole Connectors are one of the best ones but I just wanted to know if anyone knew other connectors that could just as well or about the same.

Thanks and have a nice day

Anderson Powepole Connectors

+1 to this.

We plan on using Lever Nuts to connect our wires. They’re cheap in bulk, don’t require special tools, stay locked, and are reusable. They can also hold up to a lot of abuse.

XT-60, I’ve never had one fail, they are much cheaper and they don’t require specialized tools.

Just to note lever nuts would not be legal on any circuit connected to 40A breakers due to their 32A rating.

Our team doesnt use them, but deans connecters are good with tape wrapped around them. I’ve had problems with xt-60’s in RC cars

+1 for this. With the right tools to crimp them and the ability to slot them together into harness blocks, they are my go-to for this application.

Good point on the amp rating, but yes–these things are fantastic for fast hookups. I wired an entire robot that ran NeveRest motors with them once, and they held fast through me dragging a motor, drill gearbox, and omniwheel web along behind me. 10/10 would drag again.

(Full disclosure: I work at AndyMark, which sells both.)