Best cross-platform scouting app?

I’m looking into scouting apps for my rookie team and am seeing way too many options, most of which seem to only be for only IOS or only Android with some web apps mixed in. Does anyone out there know of any good cross-platform scouting apps that my team could use?

Best is always going to be subjective.

The ones I’ve had the easiest time using is Appsheet, which is less FRC scouting specific and more of a powerful Gform wrapper with offline capabilities. The main downside to it is that its a paid program, and while you can run a whole season on its free trial, that definitely runs afoul of its TOS.

While I havent used it, EpiCollect5 is a similar program that is completely free. It’s major downside is that its missing basic functionality (no + and - counters) and with it being closed source theres no way of adding it in. I know a couple teams have used this with success though.

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