Best Dad Jokes in all of FRC?


What are your favorite FRC dad jokes? I’ll start off with one from personal experience.

We were being inspected and the inspector was going through the pneumatics system and asked, “How do you vent?”

My dad promptly replied, “Usually in the car ride on the way home.”



Matt Lythgoe is my favorite dad joke.



I’m sure we can find more than a few if we go through @GeeTwo’s (my dad) posts from any of the “Quotes Said during Build Season” posts.

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An inspection story, on myself.

It must have been 2014, based on who did the CAW that year. I was the mentor on pit duty as the robot was going through initial inspection. The student responsible for the CAW didn’t quite understand, and put EVERYTHING the team purchased that year, which put it over limit. There were snacks and tools and so forth. While I had been pretty good at letting the student pit crew take care of inspection, after hearing a subset of the items on the CAW, I felt compelled to say in a loud voice “There are NO saw blades on the robot!” The inspector gave the robot a good look, grinned, and handed the list back to the student to remove the non-robot-parts.



@Barry_Bonzack is the king of dad jokes.



“We don’t have a drill bit that big. Guess we’ll have to do it the boring way”

built the entire robot w/o welds “This has been quite a… riveting season”



Dr. Joe sent an email to me for winning the GIF of the week contest.

His “Dad Joke” was in the title…

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We’re trying to build a climber to bolt-on to our robot before the next competition. The students built one, but we knew we were going to be pushing the limits of the VersaPlanetary gearbox.

The first time we test it, everyone is standing around it in a circle, four people have their phones out recording video of the occasion. The operator presses the controller button. BANG! We hear the sound of a gear stripping inside the gearbox. The rest of the robot doesn’t move.

“Well… that was anticlimactic”, says I.

Our drive coach seizes on the moment. “Don’t you mean… anti-CLIMB-actic!”