Best defensive/offensive hybrids 2007

We have seen the threads about the best Scorers, the best Defensive robots, & the best Ramps. I appears that it is time for the best defensive/offensive hybrids. It would seem that a well rounded alliance could consist of the offensive powerhouse, the ramp-bot/defensive robot & now the defensive/offensive hybrid.

If you don’t know what a defensive/offensive hybrid just check defensive/offensive hybrid this post.

Edit: adding a link to the robot or telling us why would help.

Oh man this whole “my old team is good this year” thing is bugging me. Its making me seem biased! I will assure you, the Cyber Knights are the real deal this year.

Since I used them as an example to define this category, I would suggest that Team 379 the Girard Robocats is very well suited to scoring tubes when necessary (now that they’ve worked the kinks out of their lift) and most definitely bugging the heck out of the opposing alliance scorers when needed. Their tank treads also ensure they can climb most ramps with relative ease.

The funny thing is, they have a custom 3 speed shifting transmission they’ve been leaving in the middle gear. God help teams if they figure out how to optimize their shifting setup and use high and low.

364… They were great at Bayou!!

68 and 1305 from Waterloo were both what i could describe as defense/offensive hybrids.

68: we all know no one pushes truck town, and truck town pushes back hard. Their offense is getting better and better, changed their manipulator from Great Lakes with better success in Waterloo.

1305: built a beastly drive again, similar to their 2005 and 2006 6-wheel setup, this bot can push. Their arm may not be fast, but it is accurate and controllable.

148, 148, 148. They are the best tube scoring / defensive hybrid I have seen this year. They can switch between the two so fast, you just don’t know what hit you. 148 has the sweet ability to make a defender think they are trying to score while leading the defender right into the defender’s own scoring robot to play on an effective double team.

They are fierce at defense and are scary at offensive volume. I expect they will do very well at Houston this week.

I’m gonna agree with Paul here. 148 is crazy. Additionally, there are many offensive bots who can probably play some pretty sick defense, but haven’t but put in the situation to, or played that role in an alliance yet.

696 and 330 don’t play defense often, but when they do, look out! (They prefer offense–tubes seem to put themselves on, almost, when they play offense.)

hah i would have to agree with you there. Though the defensive strategy lost us the first match in the finals, when we won with a defensive and offensive strategy. watch out for the spoilers.

Yep. 696 and 330 both played a successful mix of both defense and offense against us (1717 294 and 368) in the finals at SD. Awesome job guys! It was an honor to face your alliance and made for what surely have been some of the most thrilling finals of 2007

I completely agree about 330 and 696.
I would especially like to note the defense from 696. In the late qualifying matches they were in a match against 330 and played great defense against them. A really fun match to watch.
Also, 294 had a good arm that could consistantly score ~4 ringers. In the eliminations, however, it broke and they were forced to place defense. Unbelievable job defending against 968 in the semis!

Also, even though we can both score, the defensive battle between 1717 and 330 in their 2nd semi-final match in Los Angeles was epic. Both teams came so so close to tipping.

It’s on google-video:
The result didn’t go so well because 254 was left wide open, but still an exciting match.

Oh god, I remember that match… As we were about to tip I just shut my eyes. But ya, our (1717) battle with Beach Bots (330) that round was epic, if only we had hung with them longer and hadn’t given them that unguarded minute to score…

103 is good at both just watch the finals of nj for proof.

(side note)It looks like the same people push the same teams all the time here on cd. Maybe they think there good i tend to think its friends pumping up friends. I would like to see more of break down like joe j posts to back up clams. EX: tell us the match that made you think wow defensive/offensive power.

//Shameless plug

Watch match 1 of San Diego.. This is without much practice and when our pickup position wasn’t lining up right.

For defense, watch the SD elims when they come out. That was after our tread came off so we had plain aluminum rims with zipties for traction.

Back to other teams, 330 has the drivetrain and the driver for defense… they never seem to use it though.

I have to second 148’s nomination after watching some regionals.