Best Drivetrain for Destination: Deep Space

My team is going to decide what drivetrain we should use later today, and I am thinking getting some opinions off of CD would be smart. Also, I haven’t seen a discussion thread for this year’s game and possible optimal drivetrain setups, so yeah.

So, would tank drive be optimal because getting up to level 2 HAB is needed? Or is holonomic drive better due to it’s ease of use for placing hatches and lining up for targeting?

To set some constraints, lets assume this bot is able to score hatches and cargo in all parts of the rocket and cargo ship, can receive elements through the player stations, but may or may not be able to climb onto HAB level 2.

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choose a drivetrain that you are comfortable building and using as it will make the entire robot move. I wouldn’t consider using an unfamiliar drivetrain unless you have experience building on in the off-season. They say choice in drivetrain cannot win you an event, but it can certainly make you lose one.


There is a good reason that most teams use 6 wheel tank. Without the resources to make something else work, that is what I would go with.

If your object and specialty is going for hatches and cargo, I’d say go for a swerve drive or meccanum drive for that extra maneuverability and lack of sight lines. If you’re inexperienced with that, don’t do it. It’s not worth sacrificing reliability for a gimmick.

I would go with a tank drive. A new drivetrain two weeks into the season can lead to confusion less focus on other mechanisms.

We love the versachassis. Like everyone else has said it really depends what your team thinks the priorities are. 6-8 wheel west coast is a great drive train that can be used over and over without fail. Meccanum can be used for manueverability but remember that if your priority is the rocket then any team defending with good traction will be able to push you away.

Unless you have specific requirements and confidence in your capability to pull off something more, a 6 wheel drop center or 4 wheel wide chassis (track significantly wider than wheelbase) is the go to standard. Get it built quickly and get lots of drive practice. A drop center with a hundred hours of practice is way more maneuverable than a mecanum or even swerve with just a few.