Best examples of a match where robots work together against defense.

Hey guys, I have spent a lot of time on TBA just pre scouting for champs and have yet to find a truly fantastic match where one alliance works together around heavy defense and plays the game how the GDC wanted it to be played. If you know of any fantastic matches could we collect them in this thread?

Waterloo Semis 2 Match 1

254, 2056, and 865 play the game how I believe the GDC wanted it to be played. They also played well even though they had defense on them.

we have one match were we played extremely well together but the defense wasn’t 100%

For us, the moments you don’t have the ball, you should be playing “smart” defense on your alliance. There are several of these moments for us, a quick nudge on a blue robot, getting in between the robot and ball. Not only was defense being played on us, but we dished out defense too. Finding partners that are good in each position are key in the game for sure. But one of the matches I enjoy watching is the Quarters 1 in St. Louis. Being the “Truss” robot, I feel like we play the role of “big brother”, able to help both our inbounding partners and scoring partners. If the trussing didn’t work, foregoing the truss and passing on the ground still works for 40 points…

Teams: 3284, 4500, 1501
St. Louis Quarters 1

Chesapeake Quals match 51
teams 1610, 2363, 2534

Finger Lakes Finals Match 3
The strategy we worked out finally “clicked” perfectly.

1507 using your third robot to line up is one of the best strategies I’ve seen yet. I have to say that was a killer alliance.

MAR Champs quals 104

Teams 25, 225, and 708 on blue

Hartford District QF2-1
Red: 236, 1991, 3566
Blue: 716, 228, 2170
The strategy red had was extremely quick.

Finals Matches Western Canada Regional
4334, 2013, and 4719 executed 3 assist cycles flawlessly and had a great strategy.

Check out Lone Star F-1.
118, 148, and 2585 vs
1477, 624, and 3997

Both alliances are playing great offensively and defensively.

You have a generous definition of defense…

Mar Champs Qualification 104
25, 225, 708
1923, 1089, 102

My team happened to play in that match, but it was a beautiful example of how to play the assists to win.

PNW Champs semi finals or finals.
Auburn District semi finals or Finals

1983 and 1318 worked beautifully together at both auburn and champs to come out with two wins. The duo got lots of practice together at auburn which was for our scouting team to justify picking the ?34? seed as our 1st pick even though they had been plagued with technical problems all weekend and were on nobody else’s radar

South Florida Semifinal 1 Match 2
Has the Red Alliance doing:
3 assist cycles
Truss Shots
Truss Shots to human Players
High Goals
Low Goals
and Recovering from a 64 point deficit
while under defense at some points by all 3 blue robots

In 254’s words:

I’ll throw in the Inland Empire finals. 399 and 1678 and their third partner put on an absolute clinic, including two truss-and-catch in the same cycle.

MAR Champs Finals 3

MSC QF1-1 Replay 2.

#1 seeded alliance 1718, 67, 74 falls to the #8 seeded alliance 910, 548, 4362. Final score of 210 - 275, no fouls.

Good defense played on both sides. Good offense played by the shooters of both alliances. Quick inbounding on both sides. Differing strategies for both sides. Great match to watch.

Wow that was an incredible match. And to think I hadn’t watched MSC quarters yet. Time to start!