Best/favorite Dubstep

Hello CD! I’m just curious, what’s your favorite Dubstep song?

Almost Anything by Skrillex :slight_smile:
I like this one alot though

Fun fact: Deadmau5 gradduated from the same highschool that 1503 is based out of :open_mouth:

Get up by korn. its what got me into dubstep as i am a metal guy

Blue by Dubba Johnny

This is the exact song that got me into it too. And Sail by Awolnation :stuck_out_tongue:

The implication here is that there is good dubstep.


Love Dubba Jonny! Here’s my favorite one of his.

played this on the trip down to IRI and the entire bus was a party

Pendulum (this sound more dubstep than drum and base but I don’t think this is the Freestylers they are working with ) is drum and base but they collaborate with the Freestylers a whole lot (a very compatible sound) and just filled up my playlist with a whole lot of Freestylers music.

I’m Getting Old.

Don’t worry. This is a trend worth skipping.

I don’t think he’d care too much for the sound you love either, Sean.
Those screamin’ guitars seem to find the sensitive spot on old folks spines.

One of my favorite dubstep tracks:
Sub Antix - Oracle

Great video:
Porter Robinson - Spitfire

Dr. P- Tetris remix.


Pretty much skrillex and excision at this point this is one of my favorites.

Bassnectar is really good also.

That’s the point. :cool:

Don’t worry Koko. I’m 17 and I would pass anything that is related to Dubstep

does this qualify? :rolleyes:

Another classic ruined. What has this world come to?:frowning:


I love the fact that while visiting the links in the posts above, the youtube “add generator” decided that I would like a “Geek dating website”.

Anyway, very catchy song :smiley: Deadmou5 “Moar Ghosts N Stuff”

also gets me moving