Best/Favorite Ramp Design

With all of the talk about Cheesecakes and Cheesecaking - what is your most favorite Ramp Design so far - Static or otherwise ? I am talking about the “Robots” that are made purely to interface with the Chute at the Human Player Station on the playing field side to control the totes as they are coming out from the chute.

My favorite so far - besides Robin the stacker - is the one that Team #1815 deployed at the Greater Toronto Regional. It worked great and no-fuss no-muss.

Please include a picture if possible.

I haven’t seen any ramps in play yet but there was a certain team (I can’t remember the number) from Israel that had a conveyor-belt type of ramp that seemed to work very well.

You’re probably thinking of 1657, Hamosad:

Yeah, that’s the team I was thinking of. Thanks for the link.

Going a bit off of best ramp design. What materials do you think make the best tether? I have seen everything from airplane cable to fishing line.

I think my personal favorite has to be whatever 1023 used in Woodhaven. It seems to lay pretty flat, and it is REALLY visible.

There’s a huge thread I made on ramps check it out for that.

Is it "#teamtether club " ?

Anybody seen a team just have what would basically be two robins?

This is probably my favorite robot idea this year. It looks like they only got this one chance to compete?? Does anyone have video of them in action?

If there was a reset, I’d be willing to bet many elite teams would iterate on stretchy and fetchy. Imagine if the main part of the bot (lifty?) could lift with the speed of 1114 :ahh:

I would imagine a lot of teams could also fit a stretchy into their witholding allowance. The teams that can make good stacks but struggle with moving them around could just build them all in place…

I personally like 1671’s ramp design. But I may be slightly biased.:smiley:

What about stairs?:wink: I saw Simbotics and Op using an upsidedown tote turned sideways against the wall as step for the tote chute. Maybe not as smooth as a real ramp but it works and it doesn’t require a tether. I would imagine they could shove it to the step and set a 5 stack on it in the last second.

just wondering why dont they need a tether

So can we make #teamramp a club? :slight_smile:

Because it’s just a regular tote from the actual field. Very ingenious.

696 did something similar with a yellow tote.

The reason none of those three need a tether is because they don’t bring the tote onto the field. It’s already there, they just repurpose it for use as a tote ramp.

And they can only use the big ramps they bring on practice day. At their prior events they’ve tethered these ramps to partners for official matches.

It’s just like 3 teams running 2 ball autos in practice matches.

so they have to move it over there mid match or can it be leagly placed there pre match

I think you know the answer to that.

dont be rude, based on that response Im guessing they move it but $@#$@#$@#$@# that was snarky