Best FRC Driving of All Time

I’m in the process of creating a composite grouping of some examples of the best FRC driving in the history of FRC. As an aspiring driver, I am trying to learn strategies and maneuvers from the best, and haven’t been around the FIRST scheme long enough to know much outside of Stronghold and Steamworks.

I am fairly confident that Cheesy Poofs 2014 is high on that list, along with OP Robotics in 2017, however, I am looking for outside opinions.

What year of what team do you think has the best drivers in all of FRC history?

This thread from earlier this month has a bunch of videos of good driving. Might not be the best driving ever (that’s pretty objective anyway) but it should help.

27, in particular in 2014 and 2017, has some fantastic driving. I’ll surely think of others but they came to mind quickly.

I was thoroughly impressed by 2767 and 254’s driving on Einstein this year (along with others on my team). Stryke Force’s driver seemed born to drive that swerve, and the Cheesy Poofs seemed to drive just as smoothly with a WCD. There’s a reason they hold both the 2017 qualifications and the 2017 eliminations high score together (un-penalized).

2767 2017
987 2013
973 Offseason 2013
330 2016
Everyone on the field in this match.
1503 2011

All examples of excellent pathing. IMO one mark of a good driver is the ability to see 3 steps ahead and react before your opponents can.

3310 in Einstein match 2 2017 St Louis.

Team 1732’s 9 gear match (at a regional) - our driver was really good that round.

Gopro footage:

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I could watch this video for hours

I’ll preface this post by saying that I’m biased as this is my team. The defense played on 846 preventing them from getting to the ball is my favorite example to counter the cliche I often hear that defending is all about pushing people around.

180 in 2017.

180 always has superb drivers. Their 2014 drive team was amazing. Watching that robot operate was like watching water.

There was a 2016 qual match at Ventura. I forget exactly which team was playing D in their Courtyard when a wheel pod broke off completely, leaving them with a 3-wheeled robot that was leaning on its bumper corner and barely mobile in said Courtyard. (I want to say it was one of the several Chinese teams, possibly Blue Whales.)

How they got out of the Courtyard, through the Secret Passage, under the Low Bar, and onto the Batter in the last 30 seconds of the match, I’ll never know–and I was right next to the field!

Later that season, a swerve-driving team lost a wheel from a pod at an offseason. They came out for their next match with the pod wrapped up in tape, no wheel, and proceeded to play like nothing happened.

Eric’s post reminded me of another old favorite video. Really shows that you have to roll with the punches and play with what you got.

Also, 2168’s driver training document is a must-read. It was written back in 2011 but is still very relevant in 2017.


That was team 1661 at Beach Blitz 2016. After missing a bunch of matches because of a pile-up of unforeseen issues, the BB volunteer team was trying really hard to make sure they got on the field. In the first match they did make it to, a swerve module broke and the team was crushed after working so hard to make that first match. Rather than call it quits, 1661 worked their butts off to throw together a solution and at least give it their all in the next few matches. They played defense (as their robot was designed to do from the beginning) and I was beyond impressed by their driver running on 3.5 swerve modules.

I’ve heard a rumor that 1717 won the quarterfinals and semifinals of the 2012 LA regional on 3 modules, before replacing the module in time for finals.

We did it on 3 modules throughout most of 2016 CVR elims (and 2 for a match or two). Swerve drives are pretty wild :smiley:

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This was CVR 2012… They were asking everyone on the other side of the bracket to call time outs to give them some more runway. Most declined, but they won anyway :cool:

Quals 100 - Newton Division 2016 - The Blue Alliance

Yes. Easily one of the most impressive matches I’ve seen. Not entirely sure how 254 got that bot over the rockwall. Very fast thinking on their part.

I’ll need to find some good examples, but I remember being extremely impressed with 33’s driving in 2014 in particular.