Best FRC Game To Play With Humans?

I got this idea earlier in the year, but wanted to wait until off-season CD to post it. What do you think would be the best FRC game to play with humans? I know some events have tried this for certain games, please link videos if you can.

Here are some of my highlights:

2006: Pretty much basketball with a longer shot-clock.
2008: This would actually be a well rounded game for humans. Mixing track with volleyball.
2009: This game was already played with humans lol
2012: Balancing would probably be easy for humans to do, so that aspect of the game wouldn’t really add much to basketball
2013: Ultimate Ascent is my favorite pick for games that would be cool to play with humans. I think the frisbee cycling would provide for a interesting challenge for humans. In addition, the climbing portion of the game wouldn’t be as easy for humans when compared to something like 2010.
2015: Playing this game with humans wouldn’t make it any less boring

excited to hear your ideas!


Just want to add that there was a similar thread about this in the past.

But 2015 seems easiest for humans. Pick totes up, set them down. 2006 would be fun though!

Our kids came up with a turn based version of the FRC 2005 game Triple Play. They called it Tic Tac Tetra. It was kind of like chess. The drives team dominated everybody til our driver’s younger brother Jay got together a team and defeated them. Then they wanted to do a live version but we nixed that because we could see where that version was going.

I played a human version of FIRST Overdrive at Tempest N Tampa 2008–one human pushing another human on a sit-down scooter. It about killed me!

This year’s game would actually be interesting for humans; much less fuel capacity, but much better accuracy. I’d say same sit-down scooter, with a small clothes hamper or similar. Both pusher and pushed can handle fuel inside the key. (And only one of them has to be on the rope at the end.)

Imagine a human version of Aerial Assist played with full football padding on a slightly larger field (and with the truss/goals being a little higher up - i.e. not head-height). It would kind of play like American Football, just with both sides playing offense and defense simultaneously.

A human version of stronghold would be pretty cool, with obstacle course-like defenses on a larger field. Shooting dodgeballs into a small opening from range is harder for humans to do than robots, so you’d likely see more close range shooters and less low goals.

2017/2015/2011/2007 would be pretty lame and weird as human games.

2012/2010 turned into a human sized game would just be basketball/soccer with weird obstacles and balancing/hanging. Imagine if at the end of the NBA finals, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant had to balance on a teeter totter or they’d blow their 3-0 lead- I’m not buying it as a particularly engaging mechanic for humans.

2008 would probably be just as interesting as the robot game was, except humans would be slightly better at it.
2006 would be an interesting game to watch humans play, especially since humans aren’t very good at handling balls in bulk.

I’ve heard of some teams who actually play “human versions” of the game after kickoff in order to get insight into how the game will be played and which strategies ended up working the best. This in turn helps them drive their strategic design and how they want to go about building their robot for that particular year. Certainly an interesting way to execute the design process.

Personally I’d love to see 2014 be played with humans, I think the assist mechanic could be fun and lend itself to fun plays and strategies. Though I don’t think it’d truly be Aerial Assist unless the game was full contact :rolleyes:

Edit: Kevin beat me to it.

Some of the BattleCry Human Player Games have good ideas for modifying the game to be played with robots instead of humans.

As someone particularly well practiced with a frisbee, this would turn into everyone just cycling at the farthest distance they’re comfortable at, which could very well be full court. Unlike the actual game, I’d expect humans to be able to throw full court from the non-protected feeding zone, as well. Ultimately not very interesting imo, but with the right people you could frequently see discs in the pyramid goal.

Tabletop version of Stronghold. With picture.

Playing Ultimate Frisbee with the 2014 game piece (or any non-sanded yoga ball, really) is probably the best fun you can have. 10/10 would recommend. ::ouch::

This year in the israeli district 4 competition we were ahead of schedule, so we had some time for a humans match:

Some crazy-fun kids from 1108 balanced on the bridge in 2012:

2013 Waterloo Regional at lunch they organized a few games of ultimate Frisbee. One of my friends on my team was running and looking backwards. This resulted in him colliding with the pyramid.

Here is the link :slight_smile:

We actually played “Human Stronghold” last year at one point and it was surprisingly fun! We had a rule where you had to have either your knees or butt touching the ground at all times, which made getting around and over the defenses more interesting, and made shooting high goals quite a challenge. Watching people trying to go under the low goal was especially hilarious.

Logomotion is not a good game for human play - especially when you forget about the lower peg.

We had driver practices doing this several times, while our robot was still being fabricated. It gave us strategies, but most of all it was a great team building exercise. I would recommend it as an excellent way to build drive team morale.

I’d definitely like to see people attempt the full-court shots from 2013. 2014 would also be interesting to watch.

How about Stronghold with giant defenses?

This year’s game could absolutely be played by people. I’d keep everything the same, with the autonomous period in blindfolds with shouted instructions, and maybe shorten the teleop period to one minute. It would be a blast! Especially the triple climb at the end.