Best FRC Game?

What was everyone’s favorite game of FRC even if you didn’t play in it? Mine’s Steamworks even though my team didn’t start till 2018 and my first year in FRC was 2022. Steamworks would be my personal favorite just because of how many different things there were to do and how many teams had different specialties like 254 was really good at shooting and 2767 and 862 were great at gears. (yes I have only seen that alliance’s matches, but it still looks like a great game.)


Ultimate Ascent is mine - it just looks so sick!


I absolutely loved Power Up, it was such a simple game with so many unique solutions to the challenge.


From what I’ve seen that would definitely be my 2nd or 3rd favorite (mostly because frisbees, but whatever)

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I really enjoyed 2016 Stronghold, the aspect of random field elements was pretty cool. At the time I was a student on the team and I had helped my dad build some of the field elements which was also memorable.

We had a massive cannon that ended up not really working, except for that time where we flipped over and were able to right ourselves.


In a poll recently: 2022, 2014, and 2013 were the top 3.

My top 3 are:

  1. 2022 - I actually got to compete in this one, and it was my team’s best year. The low skill floor and high skill ceiling made it a cool game at all levels.
  2. 2018 - the big field elements make for a very cool audience view as you can see the advantage shifting from one alliance to another.
  3. 2013 - frisbees are a cool game piece and the pyramid climb is a cool endgame (“hang from a bar” endgames are lame).

right when I read this I was like ahhh they were on 95


I really liked Steamworks, definitely one of the most unique game pieces imho. Unfortunately I wasn’t directly working with a team that year, but I helped 3946 re-program their Steamworks bot that following summer as part of a programming bootcamp I ran.

Preface: At the time of the game, I was learning multiplication, and certainly did not know about FIRST.

With that said I feel like 2014 is one of the best games. It had really explainable matchplay to outside spectators. It had interesting yet not ridiculous design challenges. It had massive game pieces (personally just always wanted to deal with something big). And last but not least, it could have seriously in-depth strategies that could suit different alliances in their own strengths, even with a meta, it wasn’t a perfect science for each match.


Hands down 2014 (Aerial Assist). Very exciting to watch, good team play, different strategies. Open field, robots zipping all over the place. Human player had a strong role, but not too strong. It was the game most like a real sport that I have seen.


I will always have a fond spot in my memory for Triple Play and Rack-n-Roll. I really liked the strategy-of-scoring aspect of both games. (I understand some don’t like them because you couldn’t immediately see what alliance was in the lead.)


2004 Raising The Bar
It had the best mix of utilizing a Human player effectively, a good bonus for for a successful auton by releasing the balls earlier than if you didn’t trip the release, the giant ball for a multiplier, and hanging and a unique field, with stairs to drive up. The mix of challenges made the design trade offs with the robot limitations that we had real tough decisions.


My favorite game so far was 2016 (Strongholds). The first year I watched was 2015, while the engineering challenge was interesting the game itself was really boring to watch. 2016 was my pre-middle-school epiphany of “man, I have to do robotics” because it was just such a cool game. My favorite part of it was how dynamic the field was, with the movable defenses and everything (which caused every competition to constantly be 90 minutes behind schedule).

While 2014 is still my favorite game, 2016 is probably the best game. It was a great mix of engineering challenges, the game play was fast pace and there were important things for low resource teams to do. Had the process of switching out the fortifications not been so messy it could have been my favorite.

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2014 was really cool. And steamworks was too. So many things on the field compared to this year where the field is relatively boring.

I’m a fan of 2019, with its double use of hatch panels. I felt that this made it a lot more interesting to watch and see if teams would fill the rocket or the slots in the middle of the field.


The 2019 FRC Game, Destination Deep Space: Presented by the Boeing Company is the best FRC Game. It happens to also be my favorite, but I think in terms of strategy, scoring, balance, skill expression it’s really good, and many other things like auto/sandstorm strategy, mechanism diversity, no scoring safe zones make the game very well designed, the best designed game in my eyes. I have a 10,000 word doc somewhere about why DDSPBTBC is the best game. Might drop it to CD at some point.



I’m partial to 2011. Minibots are cool.


I agree. I really liked how many different ways there were to score the ball. Robots had flywheels, catapults, linear slides, and an assortment of other kinds of scorers. Compare that to games like 2012 and 2022 where every robot had a flywheel.