Best FRC Learning Resources or Websites?

I am looking to help make new resources for our students, as well as expand my knowledge of FRC, and wanted to know the best websites, tools, or resources your team uses?

Some teams will teach using hands-on activities, others do videos or presentations, and what are some of your favorites?


Spectrum’s Recommended Reading is the most thorough collection of FRC knowledge that I know of. It’s exhaustive and relatively well organized.

Edit: they also have this slideshow. You could teach a semester long class without deviating from this slideshow.


frc-docs is an easy to navigate, officially supported, website that offers a webpage, PDF, and epub versions of all the different kinds of documentation for frc programming.

See it here:

PS: This will be replacing ScreenSteps.


Already that is so much cleaner than SS

The Compass Alliance also has a lot of great resources on a whole variety of topics


Full Circle is a website similar to the Compass Alliance. However, it was started only fairly recently and therefore has a limited selection of resources.

These assets are specific to Autodesk, but should definitely be included for anyone intended on using Fusion 360:

The only issues I have had when looking through the compass alliance, was it not being the simplest for finding a resource, most times being sent down a rabbit hole to find what I am looking for.

WPI & WPILib made intro videos a few years ago to teach some of the basics. The programming videos are dated but the mechanical and electrical ones are still awesome:

Controls (PID):

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I know a lot of people find this site helpful.


For learning Solidworks, the Simbotics CAD series is fantastic.

Edit: This is included on the Spectrum Recommend Reading linked above. I cannot recommend that link enough. Additionally, if you are going to use GrabCAD for CAD file management, thier COTS library is a game changer.


Citrus Circuits has some workshops on their Youtube Channel that I’ve enjoyed listening to, but they’re all about an hour so not too practical for watching during a meeting.

If you want to teach CAD as a student I found that SolidProfessor was an amazing resource and FRC teams can get it for free. It similar to things like udemy or but only for Cad. Also I agree with Nick.kremer, GrabCAD is really amazing!

Personally I really like videos or workshops that I can listen to or watch at home. It gives me more time to work on the robot or other things during the meetings.


+1 for SolidProfessor. They break down CAD into simple concepts explained in short videos, and it covers nearly every aspect of modeling (and simulation).


Surreal to come to this thread to plug my stuff and then not need to.

We’re working on another round of releases :slight_smile:

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