Best FRC moments ever

That’s one I wish I had seen in person! It’s legendary.

Anything to do with the 2010 Einstein steal with 67, 294, and 177. To this day, it remains one of my favorite memories in 9 years of FRC.

The moments from Dean’s speech from closing ceremonies this year. Putting senators AND the DoD on the spot was priceless, as was the truly inspirational story about Christa McAuliffe.

They didn’t win and it wasn’t unstoppable. They lost in the semi-finals. It was still pretty cool, though.

Other cool moments for this video: 2013 - 67 in Finals 1 at MSC crawling back from a deficit with an uncontested full court shot.
2013 - Either 469 or 1310’s unassisted 100+ point qual matches.
2012 - GTRW Finals, when 2056 gets the buzzer beater triple balance to topple 1114
2012 - Archimedes Finals 3
2010 - MSC Finals, 469 / 1918 vs 67 / 217
2009 - IRI Finals 1: 1625 / 68 / 469 hold 111 completely scoreless for the first time in the season
2008 - Einstein Semi Final 1-3, 1114 and 217 hang on by the skin of their teeth to eke out a win
2007 - Einstein finals 3 - tube on the ramp
2006 - Einstein Finals 2

Any videos of this one? Never seen any 2008 Einstein except for finals match 2 on the Simbotics YouTube page.

Former President George HW Bush (2007 Champs Ceremonies?) saying that FIRST was like…“WWF for smart people”

Why was this 6 versus 0? Can you explain what happened?

Basically, the formula for seeding did not factor in wins or losses directly. The winning alliance would get their score + 2 times the loser’s score + 5 points. The losing alliance would get the winning alliance’s score. If you know you are going to lose a match for sure, scoring in the correct goal is actually the least productive thing you can do - it helps your opponents tremendously and doesn’t help you at all.

The other half of the equation for the 1114 6v0 match was the particular teams involved. 111 and 1114 spent the entire weekend jockeying for the #1 seed. They were basically tied for #1 seed at the time. If 1114 played a hard fought match against 111 and 469 and lost, it would guarantee that 111 seeded above 1114, which would basically guarantee 111 advanced to Einstein. By playing the 6v0 match, 1114 ensured that 111 would only get 5 more ranking points than them in the worst case scenario. 1114’s alliance partners needed to block their own goals in order to prevent 111 from scoring on themselves to boost their ranking.

This match was a “hostile 6v0” in that 1114 did not collude with the opposing alliance before the match, and actively hindered their efforts to seed higher, so you can’t say this is “throwing a match”. This is the strategy that would give the 1114 alliance the most seeding points, while denying the most seeding points possible to the opposing alliance.

If that makes your head hurt, you weren’t alone. The ranking system was among the very best at actually ranking teams based on quality, but it sure did cause some headaches.


Found a lesser known moment, 125 getting the last second ramp climb at Boston 2007 in finals 3. Enjoy!

Shameless self promotion here.

2014 Inland Empire Regional Finals 2 1678, 399, 4161
First perfect cycle. Second perfect cycle, back-to-back. Not sure if it’s the only double perfect cycle. Was done after our ball settling mechanism was crippled and repaired back into place with a c-clamp.

2016 Central Valley Regional Quarter 1-1 1678, 254, 3970
Crowd was not expecting us to be able to extend our arm AND fire with a defender parked in front of us.

Will definitely go down as one of my best moments in FRC. There was a long period of time where Andy Grady’s “AHHHHH…125!!” was the go-to text notification tone for the team. Maybe we should bring that back…


Are there any better video clips than the two shots in that video? I’m assuming not but I figured I would ask.

There is a bigger version of the tiny video up on Youtube, but other than that, this is all we have. Welcome to the beginning days of Youtube and terrible documentation of FRC events :slight_smile:


Wow, you’re a d*ck!

2012 CVR Final 2, 1717 makes eleventy billion shots to win 3 on 2.

Re: 2010 videos:

This is the best video I’ve been able to find of 2010 Einstein Finals:


469 + 1114 “6v0”

Additional context to the 6v0 and the “upset”: Up until that point, 1114 had not lost a single match the entire season, for a record of 55-0-2. Then they purposely lose the single match to secure the first seed and ally with 469, the (almost) perfect redirector.

They enter the Einstein Finals with a record of 66-1-2. And leave with 66-3-2…

CD reaction threads:

I know I’m tooting my own horn here, but you asked for it…
1114+469+2041 was a fantastic alliance, and 1114 graciously allowed us to load-test our batteries with their equipment, even through the final matches. My best memory of FIRST was driving 294 while allied with 1114 the following year, though it did not end as well.

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2015 MAR Champs F2. Both alliances topple stacks in the last 30 seconds

2008 Philadelphia Regional F2. Blue alliance wins because a ball rolls across the line after the buzzer.

Sorry I completely did not mean to be offensive in that way.

I have the up-most respect for 254,973,999 and 4499 and I did not intend to say what I said in a malicious way. For me as an individual who is a fan of 254 and 973 those two matches signify the unfortunate events that can lead to the downfall of a fantastic alliance that would have dominated Einstein. I see those matches as being memorable for me.

I think these two matches are something that everyone there will remember, but not in a good way.

I sincerely apologise to those who took what I said as offensive, looking back on what I said I think I could have expressed what I said a lot better, and I should have read the first post in full before replying.

I have rewatched this match more times than any other single match.

It was a back and forth match that was extremely tight all the way down to the wire. I don’t know who the name of that announcer was, but he brought so much extra excitement to that match.

07-double hang. Took all season plus off season. This was the very last match that this bot played. Off season, official rules.

Not sure how I forgot this one in my previous post. The 137-133 match at IRI in 2006. In my opinion, the greatest match of FRC ever played.

2012 Duluth, MN Lake Superior Regional Q94

Team 2530 rapid fires two balls from just beyond half court for 3+1=4 points. (View in HD)