Best hab 3 climber design

I was wondering what people think is the best kind of climber after seeing so many team surprised by my team’s climber which is a flip system. I was just curious on what people think.

  • Flipper | (107, 604)
  • Launcher | (33)
  • Pusher | (4003, 254, 85, ect.)
  • Other. Put climber design description below

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I think the type of climber is not as good a metric as the speed of the climb. A typical launcher is likely to be faster than a typical pusher, although the best pusher could be just as fast as the best launcher.

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Personally I think a double climb system like 4613’s design seems like the best. Although it would be difficult to do


I’d like to propose the term “pogo” in place of “pusher” as it better conveys how the system works.


There’s also two very different “pusher” designs
One (like 254) That uses one stilt in the back and an intake arm. This only requires one action of waiting for the back stilt to retract while you move forward more

  1. Raise robot
  2. Drive forward to back stilt
  3. Raise back stilt
  4. Drive forward more

The other “pusher” design involves two sets of stilts, a front and back
It requires two actions of waiting.

  1. Raise robot
  2. Drive forward to front stilt
  3. Raise front stilts
  4. Drive forward to back stilt
  5. Raise back stilt
  6. Drive forward more

Single stilt pushers are significantly faster than double stilt pushers. Your poll should account for both


Thanks for the feed back. I guess I did not really think about the 2 different designs that I should have accounted for

I’d argue that, while speed is definitely a big plus, being consistent is the top metric. If I’m picking between a robot that can climb in 1 second, but it only works 75% of the time, vs a robot that takes 15 seconds, but nails it 100%, all else being equal, I’m going with the slower, consistent climber. Obviously there is an upper limit to how slow it can go before not being viable, but I still think speed is secondary to consistency.

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Our climb is similar to 254, in which we have two arms that are mounted below the intake come down and act as the front support, while the rack-and-pinion drive in the back lifts the back end of the robot. We can climb in 7 seconds (legally, as soon as the back support come off the level 1 HAB). The “pusher” design seems to be the most reliable from what I’ve seen.

Not sayin’ this is best, but what is this called? I think a few teams have done this.

Levitate? Cliff hanger? Something using the word “suck”?

I like 107s “Half somersault”


If speed is the question then flippers are by far the fastest even 118 and 148 are beaten by a good flipper team. It is a designed around function so it is not popular but the fastest climbs in the world are good flippers


For a combination of speed and stability, I really think 1114 nailed it this year. Their climb is super fast and stable with a chain linkage pulling them up to level 3.


BIG SUCC, 1619. Their robot reveal changed the direction of a lot of teams.


I think 1619 failed to climb as often as we did at Colorado (once). Their pawl broke in finals. No matter the climb method, it has to be well built, and operated well to be reliable. 1619 definitely is one of the best.


If I were doing it, a suction arm on a lift. Once you get the suction working, there is relatively little mechanical complexity to deal with - you don’t need elevators sticking out from under your robot or anything - and you retain the option of a multiple climb if the strategy calls for it.


Our Climber mechanism utilizes a outrigger system. I posted a clip after our week 3 comp.

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Personally I really like our climber design and I think it’s really unique. We go straight up and then straight over horizontally. It’s really smooth, can go level 2 or 3. It’s worked very consistently: we’ve only missed the climb twice all season, and the only other similar one Ive seen was an Australian team whose climber was also a buddy climb.

Brilliant! I had wondered about seeing any of a design like this, my term for it was a cam-climb. Properly done, depending on your elevator design / placement and correct gearing I would think you could go right off of the elevator uprights and extend the outrigger there.

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I think i gotta give it to simbotics, so elegant and fast, but the few bots that are small enough to fit on the high hab with another bot or have a 1 or 2 robot lifter mechanisms are pretty good too. because of defense this year, I think having more bots on the field scoring game pieces til the very end will win out over taking that time to get extra climb points so a single bot that is very fast is better.