Best hit I have ever seen.

This hit puts anything we have done our entire time in first to shame. :eek: Is all i have to say.

It’s almost comical how fast it happens…

Wow, its so… violent.
I demand a dubstep remix :smiley:

That’s a pretty nasty hit… Were they ok?

Just like them, I fell on the floor.

Top-heavy O_O that’s an impressive sight, in a good and bad way…

That looks like the Scott Stevens hit on Eric Lindros in 1999…some say it was the career ender for Eric…

I was thinking the exact same thing. Good thing robots are sturdier than Eric Lindros :wink:

Looks shockingly similar to a hit 195 received in the CT quarterfinals. Except in CT, 195 was hit by their opponent’s pyramid instead of their robot :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a function of high CG teams being hit on the corner and spun at the same time that can lead to the quick, dramatic tips. Rounded corners are a great idea for these teams.

It looked like 987 caught the gap in their bumpers.

What teams?

This must continue…

That video is private (at least, that’s what it says for me).

it’s an Archimedes mach. quals 2 Red 4466, 4471, 1011 Blue 2486, 51, 987


Guessing based on the blurry bumper numbers, and the half-spoken number at the end of the clip (51), I think this is qualification match 2 on Archimedes.

Red: 4466, 4471, 1011
Blue: 2486, 51, 987

I think it’s 987 crashing into 1011.

We had a big hit like this at the Pine Tree Regional. Here’s the video, complete with dubstep remix:

Here ya go!

Video credit goes to Kailey Martin.

Here is the link to the match video; the hit occurs at about the 1:36 mark. Currently uploading the rest of the match footage we have. The hit was completely unintentional on our pit neighbors 1011 Crush. They are a great team on and off the field and the great news is they were back in action next match.

skip to 0:28
Not quite as dramatic, but I bet it would of been had the other robot had a higher center of gravity.

As a team that went up against 987 in Las Vegas, we can attest to the power of their robot. Amazing stuff.