Best Human Player????

to go along with the other series of bests lets see who the best human players were.

177’s human player was quite awesome and won our alliance a match because of it.

I didn’t pay attention to most of the human players, though.

I’m gonna have to second that. After what I saw at Yipsi, hes one of the best.

oops…wrong button oh well

1241’s Human player had nearly perfect accuracy. Ours was also very good too (about 95% accuracy).

i think alot of the human players were very good.
unless they missed more than one a match, they should be considered excellent.

1241 was excellent as you said, and got a heck of a lot of practice; 33’s human player I first saw in the VCU webcast (and later at the Canadian Regional and Archimedes) knocking shot after shot down. Very impressive and a strange but effective shooting style; my money’s slightly on 33.

I’ve got to go with 1241. There shooter was just awesome. Forget the fact that he was bang on shooting at his own stationary goal, I saw him hit a shot on the opponents stationary goal, with ease. Simply awesome.

An honorable mention goes to team 33’s human player, who had that awesome quick release.

a tie between 1241’s and 33’s human player… i lean more to 1241’s tho because i’ve seen more outstanding performance by them

i’m not mentioned tear =P jk… i was good… but not as up to par as some of the others…


The ones that stuck out to me were 1241, 33, 93 and 201 (well, I was specifically watching theirs, though…), however… almost all of the human players were really great, most of the ones i saw while scouting hit at least 90% of their shots :slight_smile:

there were a lot… i saw 33 in VCU and they were good… ours was on tv on CNN while shooting!!! go keerti! :smiley:

I didn’t really watch any other human players this year… Andy and I switched off on each match… I believe though out the whole season (2 regionals and nationals) he missed about 13 and I missed about 9… I wasn’t really watching too many other HPs…

33 jumps right into my mind…but that has a lot to do with the number of balls they collected…they could have had a horrible shooter but the sheer number of balls they and teams like them would have made up for it…still a very good shot tho

i was watching the matches and doing match sheets (actually very interesting work) for our team and saw most teams hitting between 66 and 100% of their shots…most of the teams, also, just shot their original balls and hung…so they were hitting 2 of the 3 usually…thats what i saw anyway over on archimedes

1083’s human player was awesome, i saw him shoot in about 5 matches he maybe missed 2.(And thats with a great ball collecting robot)

Hazz Matt from MOE, Team 365. Best Long-Distance Shooter in the competition. Watch Galileo Semifinal Match 2.1. He wins the match with a great shot in the closing seconds.

Go Matt!!!
Go MOE!!!

Yeah, that shot in the first match of our semifinals was amazing. I still can’t believe it.

I didn’t get to watch a lot of matches, but the times I saw Kingman (60), Amanda was in the groove. She was quick; she looked confident; and she didn’t miss any of the shots I saw.

I liked 33’s and 1241’s Human Player. Although, I have to say our team’s human player was no less. At the Chesapeake regional he got badly injured in his leg and he still got 7 of 9 in, I think. Otherwise, he gets most in(except for the practice rounds in nationals where he was trying out new stuff).

469 had a very good human player. He complimented his team’s excellent herding/collecting strategy very well and made a great deal of his shots.

93’s was truly incredible, especially at regionals and 469’s did really well, too!

and of course, i do have to give kudos to 269’s own aaron jensen for shooting an awesome 95% throughout regionals and nationals :wink: